RIA, Direct Provision and State Violence

Whether the mask is labeled fascism, democracy, or dictatorship of the proletariat, our great adversary remains the apparatus—the bureaucracy, the police, the military. Not the one facing us across the frontier of the battle lines, which is not so much our enemy as our brothers’ enemy, but the one that calls itself our protector and makes us its slaves. No matter what the circumstances, the worst betrayal will always be to subordinate ourselves to this apparatus and to trample underfoot, in its service, all human values in ourselves and in others.” 
― Simone Weil

A woman living in direct provision, who gave birth to her second child just three month ago, was served with an eviction order by the Reception and Integration Agency (RIA) from Mosney direct provision centre earlier this month. The eviction notice came days after the company running the centre refused to serve the woman food

This is letter she received. I’ve change the woman’s name for obvious reasons.

Bed Management Letter

Dear Jane ,

For operational and bed management reasons your present accommodation arrangements have had to be reviewed by the Reception and Intergration Agency. As a consequence it has been decided to transfer you to

Knockalisheen Accomodation Centre

Limerick Road


Co. Clare

Your new accommodation will be available to you from Thursday 8th September, 2016”

Mosney RIA letter.png

Short and succinct, the letter itself was dated the 6th of September, just two days before RIA intended a forced removal. It’s signed by Killian J Morgan. There are many things striking about the letter. What jumps out immediately is the absence of any reference to either Jane’s three month old baby or year and a half old sibling

RIA does not outline any specific rationale, or detail any of the particulars why ‘accommodation arrangements’ needed to be reviewed in the first place. Nor does it outline what the process of review involved. Its a defacto decree with any means to official appeal.

It begs the question why was Jane was not given ANY information that might offer ANY grounds for understanding the basis of RIA intended eviction?

Sure, it’s dressed up in a sterile language less damaging to the sensitivities of Killian and other RIA bureaucrats. Who would lose sleep writing letters to evict people seeking refuge in Ireland were its just about “bed management”?

Yet it remains unmistakable. What we are reading – and what this letter is – is the exercise of arbitrary power over a family without the slightest attempt of providing any meaningful justification. It is the text book definition of authoritarianism. Written in a style and manner you would associate with long dead Soviet obfuscation.

At is core a threat issued by the state to someone seeking asylum in the state. That might seem melodramatic or perhaps challenging concept to some. However when you listen to the voices and experiences of people living or who have lived within direct provision you quickly find this is their understood reality. And a reality that is in no way lessened by ignoring it or pretending not to know.


So even on its own terms, this letter sent by RIA, is deeply problematic and reflects at the very least antipathy toward the circumstances of people living with direct provision. Many would argue that this antipathy, the lack of any sense of empathy, is itself rooted in institutional and state racism. I’d agree. Institutional and state racism is both the cause and response of direct provision.

However its gets worse. Much worse.

This letter sent by a government agency needs to be contextualised by earlier events in the Mosney Center. Jane spoke on Tuesday on Joe Duffy’s Liveline on RTE 1. Leaving aside Duffy’s tendencies to embrace people as victims but reject attempts to address structural causes, the two shows this week gave voices to the experiences of many people who live in direct provision. It was powerful, necessary and deeply uncomfortable listening.

Alongside those voices of were other voices from the ‘outside’ validating the experiences of people in direct provision. Former workers employed in direct provision centre spoke about persistent systemic degrading treatment on a daily basis. Of making people queue and beg for rationed toilet rolls. Of other employees refusing to give toiletries to individual adults, arguing one bottle of shower gel between three people in a room is sufficient.

Petty violence after petty violence, micro aggressions from management and employees as a tool of social control against people denied the basic anatomy to work for themselves and their families. Processes which cause genuine emotional traumas, depression and in some cases suicide.

This was posted on Facebook by MASI – Movement for Asylum Seekers In Ireland on 7th September.

Woman refused food in Mosney Accommodation Centre:

We have noted with concern the ill treatment of the mother of two babies (3 months and 1 and half year) in Mosney Centre. A woman who is also breast feeding was issued with a written letter stopping her from accessing food from the kitchen since the 29th August 2016, due to her behaviour according to the management. It’s been 10 full days now since the woman has been deliberately starved by the management. Apparently the management is punishing the poor lady just because she demanded one more burger. To make it worse the officials from RIA, the agency that controls these centres, on Wednesday the 7th September issued a letter forcing the lady to take a transfer to another centre in Limerick.

What kind of treatment is this that a woman with a three months baby, breastfeeding can be deprived food in a direct provision centre? How is she expected to survive? Even in prison when the inmates had a fight and are put in solitary confinement, they are given food at least to eat. This is just an example at how cruel and inhumane this system of direct provision is. The woman is currently under unreal stress with all what is happening to her and her children. At the same time she has to stay calm and focus for the sake of her two babies. We recently are still grieving from the loss of a woman who took her own life just two weeks ago. But we still have management who just don’t care about the welfare of women and children for that matter. Shame on you Mosney management, your heartless attitude is really shameful, we cannot sit back and watch you destroy yet another life. Sometimes punitive measures are not thee way to deal with such situations. This shows lack of capacity from all of those in charge.

In solidarity with the woman and the residents in Mosney, there will be a peaceful protest outside the Mosney centre on Thursday the 8th September 2016 at 11:00am. We call upon anyone who can make it to Mosney to go there and demonstrate peacefully until the management agrees to give food to this woman and don’t transfer her unwillingly to Limerick.”

I’ve spoken to several people close to the woman and other residents of Mosney. What’s clear is that the woman is breastfeeding her three month old and like many mothers is simply much hungrier than when not breastfeeding.

At this point its worth remembering how food ‘works’ in Direct Provision. Its commonly understood that people in DP receive to €19 odd a week. This is to cover clothes, travel, and everything you need to have a life. It’s also meant to cover private rental, should someone find a place to rent for what’s left of €19 after you bought everything else.

However on the receipt issued for the €19.10 received it states clearly that the payment is the normal payment an unemployed person would get, €188, but with a deduction taken at source that goes directly to the center owners.

So whilst successive governments present DP as a choice people can make – the line “we dont force people to live in DP centres” is common – the reality is people seeking asylum are forced to do precisely that. All the while awaiting a decision on their asylum claim, with a sense of suspension and insecurity and the real fear of being physically taken and forced onto an airplane to be brought back to a place they were fleeing.

At the end of April this year there were 4,400 people living in the direct provision system across 37 geographically disperse privately managed for-profit businesses.


Food is mass cooked for people, removing the dignity and pleasure of preparing dinner for yourself and family, friends or each other. And like toilet rolls and other toiletries, food is rationed -per individual – by companies. The type and forcefulness of rationing across direct provision as described by former workers, seems to be shaped by a few factors. Profit seeking of by centre owners and authoritarianism and control by centre management.

And so we get to situation were a breastfeeding mother, asks for an extra burger because she is hungry. This is hardly surprising as many women have commented online.



And in that moment of refusal the woman crossed the serving counter and took another burger for herself in order to have enough food to eat. She began giving more burgers out to other behind her. Like anyone in that situation, you can empathise why she was pretty pissed off and decided to sort this for herself and her kids.

Yet instead of reviewing how its rations food to hungry people, the centre chose to sanction the woman. Rather than address the fact its food rationing demonstrably didn’t provide the energy and nourishment she needed, the centre barred her from the kitchen.

This is the letter sent to Jane by Mosney Center management.

Mosney management letter.png

Before I address the letter have some interesting facts about Mosney

Mosney is owned and run by multimillionaire Phelim McCloskey. Last year his personal wealth was estimated at €46 million.

McCloskey is a donor to Fianna Fail. In 2008 the Irish Examiner reported that Mosney Holiday village donated €6,500 to the party that set up the direct provision system.

However on top of that 2008 donations statements furnished by Fianna Fail to SIPO showed that McCloskey donated a cheque for €5,500. So in 2008 alone McCloskey gave €12,000 to Fianna Fail.

In 2009, Mosney’s accounts showed a donation of €4,050 to Fianna Fail.

That worked out ok for McCloskey and the company as successive governments – mostly under Fianna Fail has given him back over €100 million in state contracts for running the Mosney centre.

And surprise surprise Phelim McCloskey sat on a RIA working group in 2008 whose sole purpose was to look at how to deal with “complaints and instances with the reception and accommodation centres.” The working groups sought to set out House Rules and Procedures. So McCloskey no only gets to profit from this inhumane system, he has been part of designing its implementation. No people actually living in the system have been afforded a seat at the governments table like this.

Mosney’s accounts have since been harder to find, since they moved offshore much like Google, Apple etc. The primary purpose for such moves is to avoid paying taxes. Taxes that would be due on profits arising directly from our taxes handed out to McCloskey in the first place. Handed out by the political organisations he helps fund. Pretty sweet huh?

That’s worth remembering the next time you hear someone say “we should look after our own first” Because that is precisely how the Irish state is run. Rich folks who fund the big political parties are looked after first before anyone else.

McCloskey has been given over €100 million to run centre housing people in the most precarious of positions, many fleeing political violence or religious or other forms of persecution. You would expect that there is at least some proper system of governance around management. The first question in RIA’s own inspection report of Mosney in 2015 ask if Mosney has *any* type of accepted Quality Management System. And the answer to that?

No. In Mosney there is no recognised quality management system.

And so we come back to the letters. One from a belligerent business seeking to punish a hungry mother. Another a shortly after from a state agency dishing out more punishment and without the slightest attempt at justification or process. Because its just “bed management”

This isn’t the first time RIA has used Kafkaesque language. A 2010 report “Without Rights or Recognition” from the Irish Refugee Council states

On 29th June 2010, 109 residents at Mosney, Julianstown, Co. Meath, an

accommodation centre within the ‘Direct Provision’ system, were issued with

letters requiring them to transfer to another place of temporary residence, Hatch Hall accommodation centre in Dublin. Residents, many of whom had made Mosney home for a number of years, were given one week to prepare themselves for departure. The reasoning cited for the transfers and the short period of notice was vague, with the Reception and Integration Agency invoking “operational and bed management reasons”

RIA should be recognised for what it is. It is a state agency that seeks to operate with absolute impunity and regularly makes threats to people who resist its bullying tactics.

The provision of services to you under the direct provision system runs in parallel to the consideration by other agencies of the State of your claim for international protection and/or humanitarian leave to remain.”

The above was contain in a letter to of the 109 those resisting movement from Mosney to centres with even worse conditions. The threat is implicit. You keep making noises about conditions or our ability to move you as we see fit, and we will screw your claims over.

Working with The Live Register in 2012 I interviewed Fonong Fevant. At that stage Fonong had been in direct provision for seven years. He had been waiting for three year for a High Court ruling on his status. Over that time he was moved to seven different centres around the country. He spoke about over that time people got moved for being “rude” because they wouldn’t beg to get toothpaste. The very act of speaking out about the conditions leads to management writing letter to RIA about individuals, and invariably RIA issues an eviction letter to them. At no point do people have any official input into this processes that see them moved at the whim of the system itself.

You can watch the interview with Fonong and others speaking out below bottom.

RIA impunity however is most definitely not absolute. Self organisation amongst people in the direct provision system and support and solidarity alongside is key to ensuring institutional racism is abolished. There is no place for profit seeking in the movement of people. It’s hypocritical to criticise two dimensional “traffickers” assisting and often exploiting people fleeing wars, yet be silent and passive when this state allows companies and owners to exploit those same people seeking refuge here. That’s simply bullshit.

There is no justification in allowing RIA to continue to threaten people at the whim of centre management.  The RIA, like direct provision, should be abolished. And the bureaucracy’s letter writers held to account.

Drowning Not Sailing.

My Indoor Voice

Last Week I listened to broadcaster Olivia O’Leary talk about her experience of depression at the age of 24 on RTE Radio. At about 10 minutes in, she said something that made me need to lie down. When she realised she needed help, Olivia contacted her sister who brought her to a “terrific psychiatrist” and here’s where I needed resuscitation:”he used to take me out sailing”… “and god we had great fun”. Olivia O’Leary went sailing with her psychiatrist. This sentence just about summed up my entire experience of growing up in Ireland. Aged 24 she got the best and most personal treatment available and she recovered.

Since the interview went out Olivia O’Leary has been lauded for her bravery and praised for raising awareness. You know the script. We’ve heard it a lot lately.  Beautiful, successful people are queueing up to tell us all about their struggles and how…

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Reporting On The Refugee Crisis : Daniel Trilling

Recording of a talk by Daniel Trilling in Dublin in March 2016 organised by Solidarity Against Racism and Fascism. For the past 2 years Daniel Trilling, has been reporting on irregular migration at the borders of the European Union. His previous reporting focused on right-wing extremism in the United Kingdom, and he published “Bloody Nasty People: the Rise of Britain’s Far Right” (Verso Books) in 2012.


Daniel Trilling, racism, fascism, refugee crisis

The arrival of a record number of refugees from outside the continent has been met with a small but significant wave of violent actions by far right groups and their sympathisers. Others have attempted to build broader anti-immigration protest movements, with varying degrees of success. How has media coverage of immigration and the far right affected the development of these groups? And what approaches can journalists take when reporting on such sensitive topics? Is it right, for example, to take a “netural” position when far-right groups clash with their anti-racist opponents?


“Love Must Prevail,” says Assange on the eve of Lauri Love’s court appearance

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Lauri Love screengrab from RT YouTube Lauri Love screengrab from RT YouTube

Lauri Love, the 31-year-old activist, Cambridge electrical enginnering student, Cryptosphere contributor, and alleged hacktivist, is in court once again in a few hours, continuing his fight against UK and US government overreach. This case? It’s personal. It’s political. And it is deeply problematic.

Lauri Love statement on Tuesday hearing, from Facebook Lauri Love statement on Tuesday hearing, from Facebook

In the statement from the Courage Foundation Love linked to is the following quote:

The UK is already one of the worst jurisdictions in the world in which to practice the basic human right to privacy, but it may be about to get even worse. In the case of Lauri Love, the National Crime Agency is making a grab for even more police powers. If it succeeds, anyone who uses encryption will be considered suspect under the law – a breathtaking reversal of the presumption of innocence. Lauri Love is fighting…

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The following is a press release for the anti-racist mobilisation against racist organising in Ireland. Plse use the share buttons below.

The event page is here.

anti racism

On Saturday 6 February a small group of individuals will attempt to launch a dangerous and reactionary movement in Ireland. We are calling upon members of the public to gather outside the GPO from 13.30 in response to this development. We are asking people to join us in sending a peaceful, broad-based and unified message against fascism, organised racism, and the rise of anti-migrant sentiment. Our mobilisation on Saturdayis to voice our opposition to the launch of Pegida Ireland. This far-right anti-Islam group is part of a broader European campaign of hatred against migrants and ethnic and religious minorities.  In response, a European Day of Action has been called, consisting of a range of counter-demonstrations taking place across Europe against these racists and fascists.


Pegida is a pan-European far-right group. Originally established in Germany it soon developed into a network, appealing to all those who want to stop an alleged ‘Islamification’ of Europe.  The Pegida network leadership uses populist language, and combines an elitist and exclusive call for the protection of ‘our’ values, civilization and culture, with an appeal to the insecurities of working people whose jobs and public services are under attack not by migrants, but by governments. A notion of Europe under threat by migrants is thus presented, which often manifests itself in a racist, Islamophobic and at times outright fascist agenda.


In response to the arrival of this movement to Ireland, a broad coalition of organisations, networks and individuals have come together around the principles of anti-racism, social justice and equality. We represent a diverse range of ideologies and structures, but are united in our opposition to the disturbing rise of far-right extremism in European societies.  On this European Day of Action we wish to send a strong message that Ireland, and Europe, belong to all of the people who call them home.  


Mariya Ivancheva, a researcher at UCD, member of Attac Ireland, and organiser with this coalition, observed that “until recently, Ireland was one of the only countries in the continent where right-extreme organising and anti-migrant sentiments could not find fertile ground. This was no surprise, given the history of colonialism and forced migration which has made Irish people victims of exploitation and racism.”


Ms Ivancheva continued: “as a migrant who has received great welcome, I am appalled to see the rise of the xenophobic, racist, anti-migrant network of Pegida here. I am alerted that its violent language is now trying to find currency not only among Irish white supremacists and far-right sympathisers, but also among working people affected by the crisis. I hope the Irish have learned from history and will not allow this to happen.”


Ronit Lentin, a member of Anti-Racism Network Ireland, stated that “some will attempt to mask their xenophobia in ‘reasonable concerns’ about the compatibility between European values and Islam. However the idea that Islam itself should be opposed because it is an inherently alien culture that is incompatible with our own is – by definition – a xenophobic proposition.  Furthermore, given that Muslims are a minority in Europe that are more often than not victims of racism, the ‘Islamification’ that Pegida campaigns against is a figment of their own racist imagination. The real ‘threat’ to our values and society comes not from migrants and Muslims, but from far-right extremists and fascists.”


We are calling on those who cannot make the event, but wish to stand in solidarity with us against racism and all forms of extremism, to use social media messages in support with the hashtag: #NoPegida. We are fully intent on holding a family-friendly peaceful protest. Yet, we should all be watchful and vigilant regarding our own security and safety. Some of the people marching in support of Pegida come from organised racist and neo-Nazi networks, which do not shy away from violence against people who look or think differently than they do.

Supporting organisations (in alphabetical order):[1]

Anti Austerity Alliance

Akidwa Ireland

Africa Centre Dublin Ireland

Anti Racism Network Ireland

Attac Ireland

Autistic Rights Together

Conference of Religious in Ireland

Dialogue & Diversity

Dublin Calais Refugee Solidarity

Dublin City Centre Citizens Information Service

Doras Luimni


ENAR Ireland

Fight For Humanity

Gluaiseacht for Global Justice

Irish Anti-War Movement

Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC)

Irish Refugee Council

Irish Missionary Union

Irish Traveller Movement

Migrant Rights Centre Ireland,

National Traveller Womens Forum

Show Racism the Red Card – Ireland

SARI – Sport Against Racism Ireland


Sinn Féin Ireland

The Platform

Pavee Point

People Before Profit

United Against Racism


[1] This is an expanding list, as we are continually receiving messages from groups wishing to express their support and solidarity with this cause

Debunking the “Islam is Not a Race!” Argument

For the weeks that’s in it, as white supremacists try to mobilise in Dublin at the GPO

Muslim Reverie

Islamophobes think they have it all figured out.  After they read the works of anti-Muslim pseudo-intellectuals and propagandists, they become self-proclaimed “experts” on Islam.  The message they absorb from their favorite Islamophobe stars can be easily summarized as: “Islam is evil and must be wiped off the face of the Earth.  Furthermore, every single Muslim on the planet is plotting to take over the West (read: world) and any Muslim who claims otherwise is lying. Yes, this includes your Muslim friends, who you shouldn’t be friends with anyway.”

I’ve seen some Islamophobes embrace the term “Islamophobia” because they proudly admit being fearful of Islam. “Yes,” they say, “We are afraid of Islam, which is why we want it destroyed.”  Dang.  Geert Wilders has never been shy in stating he wishes for the Qur’an to be banned (Nazi-style) and for Muslims to be massively expelled from the West (Spanish Inquisition-style). Clearly…

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The Irish Housing Network: A Radical Common Sense (Part 1)

Part one of a series of pieces documenting and reflecting on the rise of the Irish Housing Network.

Radical Whispers

Part 1: Radical Beginnings – Forming the Irish Housing Network

This is the first of a four part series on the Irish housing crisis and fight back against it; focusing on the rise of the Irish Housing Network. This first part introduces the housing crisis and traditions of resistance, before then exploring why and how the Irish Housing Network came into being.

In December 2014, a stone’s throw away from Dail Eireann, a homeless man died. Though many more had died on the streets before him, there was immediate outrage and a public outpouring of emotion. There were speeches, calls for policy changes, photo shoots. And then… nothing.
By the end of 2015, the number of homeless families has more than doubled. 1,571 children were homeless; 130,000 people were on social housing waiting lists; more children were living in poverty, rents continued to rise and more evictions were being…

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Enda Kenny finally meets sister of murdered schoolgirl

Political interference, Garda collusion and state acquiescence protect child murderer in Donegal 

Mary Boyle was 6 when she was murdered to stop her "revealing a terrible secret"

Mary Boyle was 6 when she was murdered to stop her “revealing a terrible secret”


“I believe Mary’s killer had political protection and that the Gardai have shielded him for almost 40 years. I am determined that Mary’s remains will be found and that she will be given the decent burial she deserves.

“The Taoiseach must act now and ensure everything is done to find her and bring her killer to justice. Commissioner O’Sullivan is well aware of this case and I am urging her to act on all the evidence that has been available to her force for almost four decades.”

Ann Doherty, the twin sister of murdered schoolgirl Mary Boyle, will meet Enda Kenny in Dail Eireann tomorrow.  The meeting takes place four years after Ann initially spoke to Kenny on 2011, shortly after he became Taoiseach.

Reading the statement released today Ann Doherty, its seems clear that a cover up has enabled the murderer to freely live in Donegal for the past 40 years.

She outlines her belief that her identical twin sister, Mary, was murdered because she was about to “reveal a terrible secret.”  Mary was just six years old.

Ann states categorically that ‘political interference’  has protected the person who killed her sister and that that person remains  a continuing ‘risk to children.’

An Garda Siochana have been repeatedly contacted  with information including names of the suspect over the years, yet little to no action has been taken.  Individual Garda have contacted the family to outline the specific details of political interference.  It seems implausible that the leaderships of all political parties of the state are unaware of the circumstances of the case.

The implications are quite stark, and shine yet further light on the dark workings of informal and formal power that have played a significant part in shaping the state today.

A child murderer is being protected by An Garda Siochana and past political interference. This continues due to political inaction today.  Enda Kenny and successive Garda Commissioners have long known of the details of the case.  All have refused to take any substantive action to date.

It’s likely that Enda Kenny will try  this clear case of injustice until after the election.  However the electoral impact to FG is hard to quantify if they will be seen to be continuing this cover up.  Recent comments in the Dail by Minister for Justice and Equality Frances Fitzgerald video below have continued to mislead the Dail and the public.

But this shouldnt ever have been about the impacts on political organisation and personalities.  It is precisely the deference to these social groupings that have left Ann Doyle and her extended family knocking of the door of the Taoiseacht tomorrow.
Its hard to fathom the reality that you must live in when your sister is murdered as a child.  Its defies belief that for 40 years a grieving family, in the face of such immutable pain, is met with derision and barriers from the police force and the political establishment of the state.  Where can your loss go when boxed in by such callous public forces?
The reality is that political grubbiness and police collusion have meant that Ann and her family are still fighting  for justice.  And for her and the families campaign  for truth to succeed will need all the public support it can get.

Full press release below.  Please read it and share.  Follow (and use) the #JusticeForMary hastag  for updates and to show your support and solidarity



Ann Doherty, the twin sister of murdered schoolgirl Mary Boyle, will meet An Taoiseach Enda Kenny in Dail Eireanntomorrow.

The visit is part of her ongoing campaign to find her six-year-old sister’s remains and bring the killer to justice.

The little girl from Kincasslagh, Donegal, is Ireland’s youngest missing person.

She vanished on her grandparent’s farm in Cashelard near Ballyshannon on March 18, 1977.

Ms Doherty, her identical twin, believes Mary was murdered by somebody known to her because she was going to reveal a terrible secret. This individual has never been arrested.

Ms Doherty also alleges there was political interference in the investigation which has prevented the killer from being brought to justice.

A number of Gardai who worked on the investigation have confirmed that a phone call was made to Ballyshannon Station in the days after Mary’s disappearance requesting that some individuals not be considered suspects.

Ms Doherty will inform the Taoiseach of her belief that the Gardai have protected Mary’s killer for almost 40 years and that during that time he was, and remains, a danger to other children.

Ms Doherty will be accompanied to the meeting by singer Margaret (Margo) O’Donnell, a cousin and long-time family friend who has supported her in her fight for justice. Her solicitor Darragh Mackin will also attend.

Both Ann and Margo made formal statements to Gardai almost two months ago saying they were told the identity of the killer on several occasions by someone who knew Mary.

The women also say they have expressed their concerns to Gardai many times through the years but no action was taken.

As part of Ann’s campaign to find her sister, she has travelled to Stormont, the European Parliament in Brussels, and Westminster Palace in recent months and has received backing from many politicians both in Ireland and abroad who support her in her fight for justice.

In the coming weeks, the case will be raised in the House of Commons and the House of Lords in London.

During tomorrow‘s meeting, Margo O’Donnell will remind Enda Kenny that she contacted him about the case when he became Taoiseach in 2011 and pleaded for his help in finding the missing schoolgirl.

“I asked for his help four years ago and told him about my concerns but didn’t get anywhere,” says Margo.

“I never heard from him again. This time I hope he will listen. Mary’s killer has been roaming around Donegal for almost forty years, a danger to all citizens, especially children. He must be brought to justice now along with all of those who have protected him all of these years.”

Speaking in advance of the meeting, Ann Doherty said she will be urging the Taoiseach to ask Garda Commissioner Noirin O’Sullivan why the chief suspect has not been brought to justice.

“I believe Mary’s killer had political protection and that the Gardai have shielded him for almost 40 years. I am determined that Mary’s remains will be found and that she will be given the decent burial she deserves.

“The Taoiseach must act now and ensure everything is done to find her and bring her killer to justice. Commissioner O’Sullivan is well aware of this case and I am urging her to act on all the evidence that has been available to her force for almost four decades.”

Ann is considering a legal action against Ireland, under the European Convention on Human Rights which guarantees the right to a prompt, independent and effective investigation after a suspicious death.

She is also seeking an inquest into her sister’s death.