Youth Defence try and fail to unmask Anonymous. Pics and Video

A rather bizarre incident happened at outside the Dail yesterday. In retrospect probably not as bizarre as the goings on inside the Dail where is seems is acceptable for a male TD to reach out and grab a female TD and pull her down to sit on his groin whilst his male TD friends watch without intervening or even looking uncomfortable. All this as they collectively discuss some unrelated matters such a women’s autonomy, social norms dominated by patriarchy, and bodily integrity all of which are bound up in any critical conversation around abortion and the state. But we all know these dicks are beyond parody. This is the place where these same guys, on €90K a year got drunk on cheap booze, both paid for by us, as they turned €60Billion odd of private banking debt into something our communities will have to pay for off for generations to come.  But I digress.



So outside I turned up to see how the pro choice folks who camped out the night before where gettting on as legislation about womens bodies was being debated by an almost exclusively white catholic employed males over the age of 50. That demographic is a fairly small part of the social Venn diagram, but this is what passes for democracy in official social imagination.


The sun was out and the mood was good, with about 30-40 pro-choice people about at 4.30. Around then I noticed about 5-6 folks dressed up as Anons. All in black with the V of vendetta masks and holding laminated signs with a “?”. I thought it curious and immediately wondered if this was related to the hack of Youth Defence’s website the day before. I’ve no idea and it could be completely unrelated. Indeed some other folks I spoke to thought it might be rather stupid thing to do if that was the case.

Theres yer man

Theres yer man

Whatever the case, it was clear that some of the Youth Defence folks where thinking the same thing as when, after about standing for 30 mins the Anon folks left, two male Youth Defence started to follow them. As the YD guys walked passed me I overheard one saying to the other that they should unmask and photograph the Anons folks. At this point I started to follow them.

They got pretty close to the Anons and followed them into a multi story car park stairwell. By this point I’d caught up too and when the Anons stopped on the stairwell, one remonstrated without speaking as if to say whats the problem. They then continued down the stairwell just as one of the Youth Defence guys say me filming behind him. He then called to the other guys to make him aware I was filming. The other guys continued after the Anons down the car park stairwell, so I passed the first guy to see if he was actually gonna confront the folks dressed as Anons. The second guy very quickly came barging back up the stairs, pushing me out of the way as he ran. The two then ran back out of the stairwell back into the street. When I went back out into the street they kinda of assumed I, and another friend who kindly followed me to make sure I was alright, were both with the Anon folks. They seemed very stressed and pissed off. However is seems filming then put them off their intented plan of physically confronting the people dressed as Anons, who disappeared out of sight. The video is below


“AerAbortabroad” Pics & video: Pro Choice at Bus Aras

Updated 13.48 28th Sept.  Ive added a video from Paula Geharty of Trade Union TV which has interviews with the participants.

Its been a while since Ive posted. Heres some stuff from earlier today. Video and images all copyleft blah blah…


Today saw a group of women gather outside Bus Aras in Dublin, with wheelie cases and dressed in red, highlighting the multi faceted burden placed upon the 150,000 women who have traveled seeking abortion services in the UK since 1980.

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The colour red was chosen as this was the colour of garments worn by clinic escorts, mostly women who volunteered to meet  Irish women coming of the boats, planes and train on a journey which, if the state was doing its job, they should never have needed to make.

It was part of a series of event leading up to the March for Choice this Saturday. More info below the the video

Some interviews by TradeUnionTV

That info