Fresh Footage from Jan25 #Day of Rage

These are some new footage taken by political activist  Gigi Ibrahim

It is from friday 25th Jan, the Day of Rage where police violence was reaching its peak. A whole day of brutal confrontations between peaceful protesters and police forces using tear gas and rubber bullets.  In this video, the protesters had taken control of Galaa bridge (the first battle), and heading to Qasr El Nile bridge, following a bloody battle with the police. The officers escaped and left the conscripts behind. Some revolutionaries volunteered to form human chains around the CSF trucks, to protect the conscripts from the wrath of the protesters.

In this video, the protesters had taken control of Qasr El Nile Bridge and attempting to reach Tahrir square.

In these videos, the protesters were heading to Galaa bridge and agains getting bombed with tear gas non-stop by state security forces while protesters chanting “peaceful, peaceful.” There is almost an incessant sound of tear gas grenades being fired