Renua Ireland Launched Amidst Eddie Hobbs Confusion

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Renua Ireland, a new right wing party, was launched this morning by Lucinda Creighton and Eddie Hobbs and some other folks who have some experience of management of some things or others. Like hotels. Or running charities for 80,000 grand year etc. Or running an interest group set up to increase compensation given to farmers who have land which is the native habitat of the hen harrier. All useful experience when facing the structural causes of inequality and ecological collapse Im sure you’d agree

What is interesting is that Eddie Hobbs refused to say if he will run as a candidate. The reason he says is that he just doesnt know. Which is odd as the first person listed on the website as a “Declare Candidate” is Eddie Hobbs

Eddie h0obbs

So some possibilities

The website is truthful and Hobbs has decided to run, but for some reason won’t be honest about that choice to the public.  In other words hes lying


Hobbs really hasn’t made up his mind. He’s sitting on the fence asking you to support a electoral party he heads up but is unsure about. Somehow a website was developed, mocked up, reviewed, and lauched live with a pretty massive cock-up.  In other words Renua Ireland cant even launch a website with correct information about what their head honchos are up to, but what you to help elect them to run the country…..

Inspired much ???? And if you though you heard that name Renua before, you just might have.



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