Did #RenuaIreland Just Have The Worst Political Interview Ever???

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A new right wing political party, Renua Ireland, was launched in Ireland today. Things got off to a bad start when one of the main right wing media celebs involved, Eddie Hobbs, refused to confirm if he was going to stand for election. As I covered earlier  today, this was in direct contradictions to notice posted on the the parties new website. Here he is listed as the first ‘declared candidate’.

Social media has been ablaze with critiques, criticism and piss taking as it emerged that the well funded back end team, responsible for Obama style community/data management, hadn’t even set up a Facebook page for the group. Some folks created a satirical one which has over 3,000 like since lunchtime. Similarly Renua Ireland have a twitter account with no tweets and no followers. Not a brilliant start.

However things really went tits up when one of Renua Irelands sitting TD’s, Terence Flanagan, took to RTE radio to set out the parties stall. This is what happened. It really couldn’t be worse. Mary Wilson acted like a mother coaching her small kid to say a poem for an aunt. The guy would have been in bits had this been a hard interview. Its hard not to feel sorry for Flanagan, but its worth remembering he sought to get social welfare cut off for people taking part in Irish Water protests 


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