Ian O Doherty gets knocked of his high stool by Pavee Point

Ian O Doherty,  part time columnist for Denis O Brien and full time whataboutery race troll was put in his box by Pavee Point on Twitter yesterday.

Troll Fail

Pavee Point, a grassroots Traveller and Roma advocacy organisation, published a press release condemning the racist mobilisation and fear mongering by a core group of racists in Waterford.  24hrs later O Doherty tweeted to them at them, demanding to know why other issues weren’t addressed in the press release.

O Doherty is well know for writing racist articles and was earlier thisyear called out on his anti Roma pieces in the Indo by The Press Council.  (linked below)

There can be no doubt that Ians’ writing contributes to a culture of demonisation of specific minorities.  Is O Doherty racist?  I couldnt possibly say because of Ireland libel laws set up to protect people like O Doherty’s boss and his attached dingleberries.

If O Doherty was just an other grumbling bollix at the end of the bar, unthoughfully repeating tropes he’d read elsewhere as if he’s enlightening public discourse, no one would really give a fuck.   And realistically if O Doherty was trying to make it in journalism now,  who would hire him?   As he is, he is deployed as a clickbait monetiser working on behalf of the man installing  water meters via a police force in your community. He not sticking it to The Man. He is  in the pocket of The Man.

The fact is O Doherty needs people to stand against inequality and injustice, against racism and marginalisation.  Because if people didn’t, he would have nothing to write about.  He is a parasitic thinker, an atrocious writer and dull as bejayus.  In the days when people might have read his pieces in isolation, he might have been a bit jarring or risqué.   But in the age of the internet and changing patterns of media production and consumption – where right wingers are two a penny, and media critique simply an everyday part of how we all use social media ourselves – he’s best understood as someone who tries to troll but falls flat on his face.
When you read his stuff on Twitter, its clear the guy isn’t simply an idiot.  He is unable to debate or discuss and runs away or blocks at the slightest interrogation (He blocked me ages ago). He’s also quite happy to evoke the pain of others from his high stool, as if he is some kinda working class hero, or fighting for the underdog rather than what he actually is.  A high chair dog whistler for a rising right wing racist movement in Ireland.  When someone gets killed as a result of organised racism in this state, people should best remember that.



The Press Ombudsman has decided to uphold a complaint made by Mr Shane OCurry, Director of European Network Against Racism Ireland (ENAR),  that an article in the Irish Independent on 30 September 2013 was a breach of Principle 8 (Prejudice) of the Code of Practice for Newspapers and Magazines.  Mostly for describing all Roma members as  “a parasitic, ethnic underclass”



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