The FCKH8 video of kids swearing you’ll be sharing today.

FireShot Capture - - http___fckh8.myshopify.com_



FCKH8 have produced another video designed to become viral. It features some young kids swearing a lot whilst taking about unequal pay and sexual violence. Like FCKH8’s previous video talking about anti racism (below) , the flow and content of this well scripted,  acerbically delivered deadpan is abruptly end loaded with Tshirts.  In fact this is first and foremost an advertisement. But is it just that?

Is this the “commodification of deeply held values” as suggested by  a post on Jezebel?  It does seem to tick that box.  But does that miss a beat too? Is that too easy? Or is there something else going on?  I felt that was about the Ferguson themed video.  For sure i’d feel easier  about the video if it wasnt flogging t-shirt but at the time of writing I haven’t dug into how transparent the donation to grassroots causes FCKH8 actually are.   But my gut suggests that most people will watch and share this video for what it says rather than to buy the merch. Clearly that itself is part of the selling strategy.  A tiny percentage on a viral advert still can rake in a lot of cash.  On the whole though I like it. What says you?




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