Greyhounds PR Spin amid Health and Safety Breaches

The privately run waste collection company  Greyhound, has today released a press statement  on their website which completely misrepresents the intentions of people acting in solidarity with workers locked out in an ongoing workplace dispute.

Justice for greyhound workers


In the statement Greyhound accuse people peaceably and effectively blockading waste collection trucks with “harassment and abuse of collection workers”.  Lets put aside the for one minute the hypocrisy displayed by Greyhound here as surely this dispute would not be happening if Greyhound stopped harassing and abusing their workers by seeking to force them to accept shittier wages and working conditions  with all the increased precarity and insecurity in their lives that goes along with that.


Lets also put aside the fact that scab labour drafted in to defeat workers struggles are themselves by not wearing proper Personal Protection Equipment whilst on the job, and as such in danger of personal injury. Photos taken at todays solidarity blockades in Stoneybatter show workers wearing soft trainers, rather than  the required steel toe caps. Regardless of whether this is from personal choice, or because scab labour has  not been issued with proper PPE by Greyhound, this is a clear breech of Health and Safety Regulation and should be investigated by the HSA.

photo 2 (1)

photo 3 (1)

Why has Greyhound not provided proper PPE?

What training has been provided to the labour drafted in to negate the locked out workers struggle?

Who is actually being unsafe here?

More insidiously and somewhat stupidly however is Greyhounds attempts to scare the public by trying to create a picture of people blockading in Stoneybatter today and elsewhere as somehow dangerous and scary by dint of some people be members of political organisations.



Greyhound seem to be saying that somehow there is something sinister about people about politcal organisations per se.  One can only assume Greyhounds owners have never made official donations to any political organisations.  I’m pretty sure Greyhound are very welcoming of the political organisations that pushed through the privatisation of waste collection.  So we can dismiss they have a problem with political organisations per se.


Rather we can rest assure that rather than Greyhound come out and actually say which organisations are involved, they prefer a widely used PR strategy of implied danger through deliberate mystery and myth.  If Greyhound actually named the political organisations, it risks flagging up the groups that are willing and have the resources to assist workers and the trade union movement.  If wont say that those involved are socialists of various stripes, anarchists and republicans, as well as people not affiliated to any organisation because it  owners know that their PR strategy of demonisation will fail if it actually deals with reality on the ground rather than the prepared tactics from its PR company.
Its some what laughable, though pretty interesting,  how Greyhound reference social media in the context of ambiguous political organisations. That’s pure dog whistle tactics there.  What is in fact people using Facebook and Twitter, which pretty much anyone can see, is instead presented as some mysterious technology deployed with aplomb by political deviants and quasi-terrorists out to “harass and abuse”.


Its all patently ridiculous.

It was political organisations that pushed through the privatisation of bin collection, in the full knowledge it would drive down wages for workers. These were political organisations run by men who collected money in brown paper bags.  One wonders if Greyhounds owners did any drop off and collections to those bad boys.  Given they are hiding their accounts in the Isle of Man, its hard to know…….

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