Gaza and Love

Gaza Dublin 2

Its really fucking hard to make sense of the incidental and organised hurt in this world sometimes. Be it tonights concerted effort to kill Palestinians by a terrorist state that lays waste to hopes and possibilities of human life, or the more mundane but no less painful losses and messiness of human life we are touched with by mere dent of being human. Its seems all too easy to forget that the only thing really meaningful thing we have is each other. If our organised world is not first and foremost based upon a politics of love, a recognition of our shared humanity, and in an understanding and real empathy of what it is to be human and fragile, to be social, to care and to know we flourish only in and with care, then we are on a hiding to nothing because we will be crushed by all that needs to silence that knowledge. The refusal of a politics of imposed hurt; the refusal of cultures and attitudes that accept the dehumanisation of other humans we share this space and time with; the conscious and public claiming of a love and care as a political orientation that itself refuses to be broken but instead seeks to reproduce itself. This seems to me to be the only sane way we get to remake this world. We are only here the once, but what we do and how we are will be tomorrows echos.


How to get medical aid to Gaza


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