“The Troika Party” launches for European Elections.

miceky mouse
“Troika? Never heard of it? Don’t worry! You will learn first hand when one unforgettable day the three inseparable friends (International Monetary Fund, European Central Bank & European Commission) visit your beautiful country, not for tourism but for a bailout! What?  You are not in need of a bailout? That doesn’t matter, Troika offers its bailout policies at a competitive price. Besides, nobody asked you!
Support us, because democracy is not competitive!”


We don’t need you to vote for us for we already have the power we want.  What we would really love is to be a little more famous… Not many know who we are, what we are up to and what are the consecuences of our policies are, especially in central and northern Europe.
We will be launching this project on Tuesday February 25th, plunging into the social networks. For gaining strength, we need your help and this is how you can participate:
  • Follow now our Facebook, ‘Like’ it and especially comment on and share our postshttps://www.facebook.com/TheTroikaParty. You can also invite your friends to like the Troika Party’s Facebook. We have some surprises this week!
  • Follow our Twitter account, make retweets and participate in the discussion with your own tweets: @TheTroikaParty
We will be sharing information and generating a lot of discussion using irony and humor. The  project is coordinated at European level involving people from various countries, launching in Spanish, English and French. We want people to better understand what the Troika is, what  influence it has on the countries that are under its mandate (and those that still aren’t), how it affects democracy and in which direction it is taking Europe.
It is also an experiment to share knowledge, work together and share emotions with people from other European countries. We also aim at to strengthening coordination networks and encourage many young and not so young people to participate.
Hope you enjoy it and remember to look out for us!

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