Facebook has a global outage from 1pm GMT

FB images


UPDATE 3 : People take to streets to shout update status in Dublin. Bonkers mate….

UPDATE 2: 15:19 GMT Seems some people are able to post again but commenting is patchy blah blah blah.   We really should get a life…………….. But since we are where we are, the Newsticker still isnt working for many and also reports that chat can’t be turned off.  OK do we still have the will to live?

UPDATE 1  The following chart from the Developers FB page show a pretty steep rise in number of errors ( as well as accompanying response time increases) but that seem to be dropping off a little.  People commenting on blog site etc show that this is indeed a global service bust up.

FB chart coiunt

error chart

Seems there has been a global service disruption on Facebook this afternoon, with users unable to post status updates, photos, files etc to their profiles or groups and pages they like. The chat function seems to be working but little else. The website tracking service Down Right Now shows a pretty big drop off. The site lost functionality at almost exactly 1pm GMT which might suggest a organised maintence, though no announcement has been made.  At present it is also not possible to log into accounts if you try. 

FB chart

I’ll update as more info comes in. Theres not much point in sharing this on FB right now as you can’t, but maybe tweet it out using the buttons at the bottom if you found it useful. Cheers.

What you see when you try to update

What you see when you try to update


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