Statement from Greek media workers open assembly at ERT


Just released earlier after an open assembly of ERT workers.


ERT must be open: open to society, to its contradictions, to its problems, to its fears, to its ideas and to its actions.

ERT must be open: open to culture, to the well-read, to their different tendencies, to their quests and to their dynamics.
ERT must be open to every citizen of the world, in Europe, in America, in Asia, in Africa, in Australia.

The staff of Public Radio and Television have the strength and the will to maintain high standards for the public goods of information, culture and sports.

We has the audacity and the will to fight and stop the manipulation of ERT by single-party or multi-party governments.

We workers are still alive and we will be equal to the occasion.

We will struggle for an institutional operational framework for ERT that guarantees and protects the independence of Public Radio and Television and will sever the umbilical cord with governments and with any source, official or unofficial, of political and clientelist interventions.
ERT must be open, as an estate and genuine property of all Greek citizens.
All those who are working on plans to shut down ERT can’t but intend to serve interests of another sort. These people are dangerous.

We Public Radio and Television journalists hereby affirm that we will keep ERT open in every and any way we can.

We call upon every citizen, from Gavdos to Evros, to help us prevent this nightmare. To prevent any attempt to silence the country’s Public Radio and Television Broadcaster. Those who have dreams of nightmares should remain with the bliss of evil witch tales or wake up before it is too late. We are wide awake.

We are holding an on-going general assembly and we are calling upon citizens, social and political agencies, scholars, people of letters and of the arts, to join us at 7 pm at the ERT headquarters in Aghia Paraskevi.

We shall stand firm.




The general assembly of ERT workers


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