That Sunday Business Post/RED C Poll & “objective journalism”

Red C Poll Cover

So the Sunday Business Post commissioned a poll by RED C. I’ve embedded the full report below.

Nothing out of the ordinary in the questions. It looked at attitudes to abortion, and the state of popular support in the population for the political organizations that jockey to be the Troika managers of your lives.

Some results got lots of airtime and covered by all the mainstream media outlets. However as noted by the good folks over at Rabble the  mainstream media ignored a  very significant section of the poll.

Within the part ignored (page 11 below), results showed that of those polled, 88% wanted to see a rise in taxation of incomes of €100,000 and over.  This was the highest figure for any of the questions posed by RED C, and yet not one journalist in Ireland has bothered to report on this in the context of Wednesdays forthcoming blood bath budget. The Sunday Business Post, which commissioned the poll, didn’t even bother mentioning it or expanding on the implication of such high support for tax increases on the rich.  67% of those polled are against any cuts to welfare support such as child benefit or  to state pensions. Again this hasn’t been reported.

It says lots about the interests of corporate media when statistics directly relating to the upcoming budget are sought from the public, only to become airbrushed out of mainstream media’s conversation. Why did they bother their hole getting RED C to ask the questions in the first place….


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