Videos, Photos, Audio, Twitter comment from #NeverAgain. 20,000 attend solidarity March for Choice.

UPDATE 15ish – sorry if the post are not in time order, im adding as i get them. So the narrative is a little crap right now, but just wanted to curate/catch some of the stuff people have been posting on the net from today. And as i couldnt make it, it makes me feel a little bit part of it to……


Initial estimate of 20,000 people have come onto the streets of Dublin today in response to the Irish state’s cowardice and failure to both legislate for the X case and to argue for womens right to have full reproductive rights and control over their own bodies. Not exactly “The Gathering” the Irish government might have wished for, but certainly one they would be foolish to ignore any longer, regardless of Enda Kenny’s claim he “will not be rushed”.  As per usual mainstream broadcasters have woefully underestimated numbers with RTE using its usual source, the Garda Press Office , to say there where “several thousand”.  The Irish Times quote the same source as saying the numbers were “in excess of 6,000”. Obviously the cops stop counting after a point. The Irish Independent has a report that so far just has this to say about the march “Thousands of people have attended candlelit vigils in memory of Savita Halappanavar, the Indian woman who died after being refused an abortion as she miscarried” 

The Workers Solidarity Movement provided some methods of how to count crowds at marches

If you have some pics, audio, video or tweets you think I should  add to this, tweet the links to @soundmigration.  Heres some audio of Clare Daly’s speech earlier

Meanwhile people were very conscious of the international perspective of the recent tragedy, as protests took place across India today.

The march numbers were swelled by public revulsion after the death of Savita Halappanavar, who was died after doctors in Galway refused her and her partners request for an abortion even after it was clear that the baby, unfortunately had no chance of survival. This has reignited a public discussion about abortion and the fundamentalist state that acts as  regulator of women’s bodies in Ireland in the 2012.

These are images from the #NeverAgain hashtag on Twitter. Click on them for full size. Full credit to those who are tweeting.  I’ll be updating with images and videos as they come in.

A child makes their voice heard

Picture courtesy of Siobhan Clancy

Heres a video of some photography by Ewa Figaszewska

Candles for #savita Dublin. Love & solidarity #neveragain we are all Savita

A post shared by Paula G (@pollytix) on

Above image from Instagram by Paula Gerharty

#savita 'will our kids have to fight this bigoted shit too?' #neveragain

A post shared by Paula G (@pollytix) on

Above by Pollytix

Some one has grab domain name and if offering to give it to today march organisers

These two tweets below are  getting lots of RT’s too

Though of course my #NeverAgain hashtag  thread did attract some random ones alright. Pretty sure this person WASNT on the march.


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