Enda Kenny predicts massive explosion of African continent.

Enda Kenny illustrating once again why his handlers want him to be less The Quiet Man and more the invisible man.

The Irish ‘leader’ recently gave a talk in Dublin were he suggested that the African continent will “literally explode” due to new trade agreements. These agreement will be quietly pushed through during the Irish ‘control’ of EU presidency in the first 6 months of 2013, though one would assume the resulting explosions might bring closer scrutiny to the specific details of them.   Kenny is every PR company’s nightmare, and for the most part remains a photo head of the present Irish gov. The strategy seems to be ensuring that Kenny says as little as possible so that the organised stupidity of current economic and political structures aren’t publicly accentuated by showing how a gobshite like him can actually be leader.  In this speech he also quotes US ‘leader’ Obama as saying that Ireland has the ‘best demographics’ in the EU, as if we are completely unaware that part of a US presidents job is to blow smoke up the asses of visiting minnows simply so it can be repeated to their own domestic audiences.  Neither Obama nor Kenny offered any clarity on precisely what or who Irish demographics are actually ‘best’ for.  Though Google do


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