“AerAbortabroad” Pics & video: Pro Choice at Bus Aras

Updated 13.48 28th Sept.  Ive added a video from Paula Geharty of Trade Union TV which has interviews with the participants.

Its been a while since Ive posted. Heres some stuff from earlier today. Video and images all copyleft blah blah…


Today saw a group of women gather outside Bus Aras in Dublin, with wheelie cases and dressed in red, highlighting the multi faceted burden placed upon the 150,000 women who have traveled seeking abortion services in the UK since 1980.

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The colour red was chosen as this was the colour of garments worn by clinic escorts, mostly women who volunteered to meet  Irish women coming of the boats, planes and train on a journey which, if the state was doing its job, they should never have needed to make.

It was part of a series of event leading up to the March for Choice this Saturday. More info below the the video

Some interviews by TradeUnionTV

That info


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