G8 forced to cancel Chicago meeting by Occupy Movement


From Adbusters

The G8 ruling elite have been forced to pull out of it’s proposed meeting in Chicago. Instead is to meet in the more “intimate” – read secluded and well defended – settings of Camp David. In a move reminiscent of previous forced retreats by the G8, WTO and other unelected unmadated gatherings of capital and power in Europe, Asia, and the US behind militarized red zones and maximum security isolated hotels of at the start of the century as a result of popular direct actions of anarchist, trade unionists and anti capitalist networks, Obama made the announcement yesterday. No one was more surprised than the Mayor of Chicago. Whilst the US media line  is “People would enjoy being in a more casual backdrop”, the reality is that the this is a deliberate attempt to avoid at all costs the confrontation that  Chicago meeting would have brought. Its should be considered as a win of sorts and recognition that our collective powers of direct action does have an impact.

The planned Nato meeting is still to go ahead. You can get more updates from the links below, but I just thought it worth flagging as the idea that the suppression and forced eviction of Occupy camps across “western” society  is suggested to mean the end of large scale popular anti capitalist organising and direct actions.  I’d suggest that far from an end, we are witnessing the evolution of movements that still have the power to force global elites into militarized retreats. You can’t evict ideas and you can’t baton down our desire for a world free of exploitation, injustice and inequality.

“Occupy is dead. Long live Occupy”

CANG8.org / ChicagoMassAction.org / Occupy Chicago
Adbusters / Facebook / Twitter / Reddit


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