#OpIreland: Defacement of GetBroadband.ie & Sean Sherlock TD doxed

What the defacement looks likeTonight, digital activists working within the Anonymous network have defaced a website “Get Broadband.ie” Describing itself as a” Fantastic Irish Broadband Website featuring the latest deals from Every Irish Broadband provider ” the site has been hacked and  displaying a message “Hacked by Juzzy”.  A few click throughs brings you to a message from Anons. The hack is explained as being “grey hat”, not intentional damage but merely showing the site admins/owners that it is not secure. They did say they will be back.

However the website defacement is linked to the recent decision by Sean Sherlock TD to push ahead with draconian legislation that has been lobbied for by the “entertainment” corporations, but that has been resisted by both internet providers and ordinary users  of the net.  A petition of 80,000 was handed in to Sherlock but as  Minister for Research and Innovation he went ahead and signed into law a statutory instrument to amend copyright legislation In Ireland

Speaking with Siliconrepublic.com, Sherlock said that if the committee decides new legislation is required then the Government will embark on that course of action.

Sherlock said the key opportunity is to make Ireland a leader in the handling of copyright and intellectual property issues and at the same time be sensitive to the economic challenges and opportunities of the digital age. The Government, he said, does not want to issue proscriptive measures, at the same time it wants to allow the internet industry to flourish and help protect the rights of right holders

This basically is another way of saying Ireland, not content with being a tax haven for multinational giants so they can slush money through, is now also being marketed by dipshits like Sherlock as the country that will censor and clamp down on the free sharing of information and knowledge.  Its worth noting that this perhaps is being driven because Ireland is a tax haven. If large corporations register their Middle East, NorthAfrica, European and Asian HQ’s here for tax dodging purposed, they them come under our data legislation. By buying of legal firms to lobby for changes in legisaltion of gombeens like Sherlock, corporations get a double whammy.

It comes as no surprise that Ireland Inc will love to profit from censorship, but its little odd that the connections between how favorable tax legislation that attracts corporations opens the door for those same corporations to try and shape other laws while they are here.

Tonight some people have been sharing information on Sherlock himself

Heres some footage from one of the first anti SOPA demos last month on Feb 4

Update. Thanks to Maive Broslol for pointing out the petition numbers were 80,000 and not 8,000 as originally stated.


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