Some images from Athens tonight. (Updated live)

Greek pensioner breaks down in tears during TV interview When the interviewer asked him how the latest austerity measures had affected him the pensioner broke down in tears.


riot police guarding the parlament at 11pm GMT via @skar_

I’ll be adding images, tweets and videos as the evening progresses so  bookmark and come back!

Update 1 22.57 GMT. Reports coming in of various occupations of cinemas and TV stations across Athens. At least two police website and the Dept of Finance websites have been attacked, at this stage its hard to tell if its just a DDoS “blockade” or a more structural hacks.

MPs are also bearing the brunt of peoples anger


Tonight as the law makers of Greece sit down to put a legal framework on the extortion of society and of  people living in Greece, there is a massive increase in street demonstrations. Another form of collective meaning in being created from peoples experiences of poverty and enfoorced insecurity.  Skai TV has just reported that the police are all out of tear gas, as thousands remain out in Athens and elsewhere. Earlier there where reports of indiscriminate tear gassing of those who came out in front of the parliament in Athens.

Apologises for the lack of context in many of these images. But what context do we need to know more than we exist in a time where any notion of social contract has been shredded by banks and financial institutions, and elected representatives (or their technocratic bureaucratic comrades) simply act as middle managers for capitalism and centralised power.

These images come from participants on the streets themselves, up loaded to the net without mainstream media intervention and I have gathered them via Tweetdeck.

This is me. Just to give you an idea of what it felt like to be at syntagma tonight

. via @thesspirit

More photos  from @thesspirit

via @hkoutso

Banner outside parliament earlier today

Above three pic via @Real_grProbank Μητροπόλεως #syntagma less about 20.45 GMT

AlphaBank set on fire too

Barricades in Sygmata

Via @almanbilimadami People gather outside parliament

from "mmgeissler " on Instagram

thesspirit 3 hours 22 mins ago Twitter I wish I could fit all the people that are here in a single picture but its impossible #syntagma now

Peaceful occupation now at Creta TV #12fgr #greece