#JobBridge : The gaping chasm between spin and reality

UPDATE 2 This from Jobbridge twitter feed this morning     How’d you like your societys social workers and family support workers paid €1.50 an hour.

The offending items have been removed from the website very quickly, no doubt they are battening down the hatches waiting for the shit storm.

UPDATE 1 22.31 ok some of the companies that want you to work for €1.50 an hour are

Aer Lingus, http://www.oheapr.com/,  deloitte.ie

I’m gonna hold off on the rant, though that’s pretty hard considering that the fuckwads in Labour and Fine Gael have just announced that new oil and gas exploration licenses for the Atlantic margin will be approved before the resumption of the Dáil next month. Not that Fine Fial are any better. They are the slimy turds who signed consent forms – for project splitting components of the controversial gas pipeline fronted by Shell – on the day of the last election.  Word to the wise, on the last two election days, the exiting governments signed paperwork giving Shell , and by default the quasi paramilitary  security outfit IRMS, the go ahead to push through another part of a project that has met with resistance for 11 years. All designed to happen when you “the people” aren’t looking.

There is always a dissonance between the rhetoric of democracy and decision making and its practice  under a system of power, patriarchy and capital in this fucked up society. And thats without even mentioning the €1.44 Trillion that the uber rich have invested away outside these shores.  Liberals all across the globe where getting stiffies when they heard that Warren Buffet, “the worlds richest man” had said in an interview that the rich should pay more taxes.  Seems they didn’t hear him also say this about the world we live in  “There’s class warfare, all right,” Mr. Buffett said, “but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.”

No where is this dissonance so clear as the flagship JobBridge “initiative”.

This is how the Government, with all the help of the PR companies in Pembrook Lane – were so  much of our dues andtaxes flow into – seek to present JobBridge

However the reality of working for €1.50 an hour , on top of ‘benefits’ is much more like this


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