Hama population is attacked by it own military this afternoon

Update 15.45 GMT via @edwardedark

Statement by #Hama ‘s coordinating committee regarding the video of the soldiers being thrown into the river https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=191572890905695&set=a.168684683194516.41981.162428843820100&type=1&theater&ref;=nf

1) The Assi river has been dry for a month and a half now because the dams at Rastan have not been opened to allow water to flow.

2) There is no such bridge in Hama.

3) There is no background noise whatsoever in the video Not even a splash. Nothing.

4) the way this video was distributed by unknown sources and the timing, suggests that it was released by the regime to justify an attack on Hama. This video was most likely taken in Jisr el Shughur, and shows pro-regime militia disposing on civilian bodies.

They go on to say that after four months, the regime can come up with no valid accusations against Hama, so they have resorted to making some up.

From : http://www.twitlonger.com/show/c529sd


Today people in Hama, Syria is coming under sustained  tank and gun fire from its own military in what has become a brutal siege of the city. This footage is from twitter feed in the last hour. There are reports that water, electicity and mobile networks have all be cut in preparation of states assault. People are tweeting that 134 have been killed there today,  but i obviously cant confirm that myself. Whats clear is the contempt that Bashar al-Assad has for human life as it seem even those fleeing the city are coming under attack from small arms and tank fire. Reports suggest that shelling is concentrated towards Janoub Mala’ab area & Manakh where most demonstrations used to take place. #ramadanmassacre #syria

Syrian intelligence was part of the rendition program with the CIA, with a reputation of torture, and the Syrian Organisation of Human Rights have said that 13 prisoners have been executed today also. There was a prisoners demostration there in the last week. Reports suggest the prison itself is now under shelling with prisoner inside

The UN is currently ‘discussing the situation’

Thoughts and solidarity to the people of Hama today. Hama’s population are no strangers to state brutality. From Wikipedia

The Hama massacre (Arabic: مجزرة حماة‎) occurred in February 1982, when the Syrian army, under the orders of the president of Syria Hafez al-Assad, conducted a scorched earth policy against the town of Hama in order to quell a revolt by the Sunni Muslim community against the regime of al-Assad.[1] The Hama massacre, personally conducted by president Assad’s younger brother, Rifaat al-Assad, effectively ended the campaign begun in 1976 by Sunni Islamic groups, including the Muslim Brotherhood, against Assad’s regime, whose leaders were disproportionately from president Assad’s own Alawite sect.

Initial diplomatic reports from western countries stated that only 1,000 were killed.[2][3] Subsequent estimates vary, with the lower estimates claiming that at least 10,000 Syrian citizens were killed,[4] the majority civilians, while others put the number at 20,000 (Robert Fisk),[1] or 40,000 (Syrian Human Rights Committee).[5][6] About 1,000 Syrian soldiers were killed during the operation and large parts of the old city were destroyed. Alongside events like the Black September massacre in Jordan, the attack has been described as among “the single deadliest acts by any Arab government against its own people in the modern Middle East”.[7] The vast majority of the victims were civilians.[8]

Ive omitted videos ive seen this afternoon wish so some serious injuries and mutilated remains of people killed. As ive said before,i dont know if this is right or wrong and something i struggle with myself and realises im cersoring the reality if the situation

It has been suggested that todays attacks where planned to coincide with the trials of falled defacto dictator Mubarak and thus much media attention would be elsewhere and there are calls across twitter for an internationalising of the situation amid calls from many Syrians for Assad to step down


WARNING Graphic injuries and the remains of people killed in violent death. Ive struggled previously about whether to include videos like this and have choosen not too. However we are witnessing a massacre here and i felt it impossible to censor all sign of the impacts. Sincere apols in advance

I’ll try and update over the day. Follow #hama and #RamadanMassacre  on twitter for reports from people in Hama


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