Enda Kenny and The Tears of an absolute f**king Clown

Tears of a Clown indeed.

So the “leader” of this country Enda Kenny speaking at a meeting of Irish ambassadors at the Department of Foreign Affairs in Dublin this morning said

I actually cry every time I see the power of the phenomenon of Riverdance. Ancient dance translated into a phenomenal and powerful message.

Thats pretty weird for anyone to say but for  as someone who choose to  cast themselves as the best person tasked with getting us out of the tremendous shithole his class of elites have dug us all into its pretty much a slap in the face to the public. I bet the IMF and ECB are quaking in their boots now.  Its not the raging populations of Greece and Spain, slowing but consciously coalesing into public social movements demanding dignity and self mangagment of their lives that are the real threat to capitalism as usual at all cost. Its Enda the weeping patriot they should be scared off.
Although after recognising that Kenny is either an emotional wreck with deranged psuedo-nationalist tendencies (coming from a Blueshirt tradition thats not to be discounted) or else he is completely able to string a sensible conversation without the aid of a script ( preferably Obamas script writers i guess) word is that the ECB/IMF advance parties have sacked their political and PR choreographers and have hired Michael Flattley to dazzle Pat Rabbitte during negogiations.

Kenny didn’t say he cries every time he thinks about how his government slashed funding to a programme that sought to prevent child rape and sexual abuse that has been  decribed by the Rape Crisis Network of Ireland  as  “the worst possible outcome for child protection.”

Nor dis he  say he cries every time he thinks about the adding of more taxes to low income families via the new “household charge” and proposed water tax. I doubt he cries every time he thinks of the decimation of villages, town and urban communites via unemployment and emigration. Indeed leaked US cables show that emigration is to be welcomed and encouraged by succesives governments as a strategy of dealing with an uppidity public. The real tears of families torn aparts, communities left isolated arent on his radar.

Instead this fuckwit cries as the commodification on propogation of an empty caraicature of what is it to live on this island. No disrespect to the talented dancers involved, but  Riverdance in no way encapsulates the common understanding of being Irish.  He might as well have said ” I cry every time I look at a pint of Guinness”

So spare your clown tears Enda you false shallow bastard. This homes in this country have tears enough from policies and lack of political and social imagination you entire body politics embodies.  Lets hope we will give you ample reason for real tears in the coming years.

You can find an audio copy of his speech here  Get your remixes on and I’ll post em up


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