Solidarity Demo in Dublin with #SpanishRevolution

Today saw a demostration at the Spire of at least 500 people coming out in solidarity with  people and social movements in Spain that have been occupying public square and spaces since last Sunday. There have been soli demos all over the place, great report from London here

True Democracy Now

Will update with more video footage later

The ‘manifesto’ of this growing movement can be read here . What is clear that it seeks to be inclusive, to move beyond the normal structures of political/social organisation, beyond the political parties and trade unions – even though some are very much involved.

The language used to speak about the anger that people feel,and also about the values that people want a new society to embody are likely to be brushed of but both the dogmatic Left and Right as wishy washy, but there are words of radically changes social structures and relationship. The are filled with revolutionary intent.

No Fear

Intent itself is not enough to ferment social movements, collectives of people working together takes time and consideration. However at the core of these calls from North Africa and the Middle East and increasingly popular movements in Europe it is clear that insurrectionary desire, the desire to rupture the old, to put spanners in the works of our current trajectory and to say “No, Ya Basta – its is us the people who should be sailing this ship, not bodies like the IMF, ECB or World Bank” The entire political class, of the center left and of the right, are both unwilling and unable to meet the demands of the people. Instead they act as subservient subjects to the demand of unelected capitalists, bankers and global social engineers. No more.

Our political system, the shared model of social democracy is failing us clearly. A population does not need formal education to see the structural basis of inequalities and injustice. From the level of global solidarity that see sickness in the poverty management industry of large NGO’s, to the inability of the professional community sector to put up a fight against the recent cuts. The people being told that actually your security, your sense of self means fuck all to the state.

People are beginning to see that the best way to challenge is to come together ourselves, for periods of talking while we walk. Exploring and working as equals, with passion and against injustice. Spanners are not just to be thrown in the engines of injustice. They can be used to rebuild the type of democracy all human beings deserve. A real democracy where our voices and opinions are not just heard and then ignored, but a democracy that is centered around all of us.

Interesting reads are here and here

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Thanks to Paula Geraghty for the above video


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