Bombscare in Maynooth – 67 Bus

Update 2.00am  According to @kehoesalini cordons have been removed and army bomb disposal are leaving the scene  just across from the Glenroyal Hotel

 #maynooth #bombscare is over.. “Motorcade about to leave, gonna walk up now”

There are reports tonight of a bomb scare in Maynooth on the 67 Bus.  According to one person tweeting this is more than a scare This from the twitter machine. I’ll update as more info comes in so check back. Sorry for not so much info, but as someone who has grown up in the north i can say that bomb disposal is not very exciting to watch. Hopefully all are safe. If, as is being reported by people via twitter, that this is a device on a bus, that pretty much would suggest it is a small device, such as a pipebomb or something that whilst dangerous and could lead to serious injury in a close proximity, is unlikely to be able to cause significant damage beyond its immediate area. Its also unlikely to be a very complicated device, but as of yet we have few concrete details to work off. The police themselves are likely to be very tight lipped about what is going on, as is often the way, but I think that given the climate of tension such incidences can create it would be good to get some clarity as soon as possible about the exact nature of what is going on.

Army officers at maynooth from @ronan_doherty

Just checked with the gardai downtown, bomb scare in #maynooth not exactly a scare, there was a bomb found. Craic in Maynooth is 90 🙂

Link that someone sent in s image from scene an hour ago

Drilling sound coming from #Maynooth #bombscare #bus hope it’s not gonna be a controlled explosion…or do I? from

Another image from@kehoesalini He is also tweeting from close to the scene. Some of his tweets

Guards telling everyone in manor court to get indoors #Maynooth #bombscare #queensvisit

@Mark_Coughlan can’t see any army but have heard they are there. Went out to the street and Garda told me to get inside

@Mark_Coughlan grand, we’re all gathered round and have a camera zoomed on the bus to see inside. A lot of torches around n a couple inside

Drilling sound coming from #Maynooth #bombscare #bus hope it’s not gonna be a controlled explosion…or do I?

@Mark_Coughlan from the town square up towards straffan, at least 300 meters

From @ronan_doherty

all quiet on the western front. still nobody going near that bus tho. #bombscare #maynooth #queenvisit

I was on Joe Duffy’s Liveline talking about the queens visit and protest etc here if you fancy listening in while situation gets updated. Ive also blogged about it here.  On a lighter note Guineys has introduced a new suit to make walking around Dublin city center a much more relaxed place. You can view them here


One thought on “Bombscare in Maynooth – 67 Bus

  1. Hi im living in the Glen Royal apartments and could not get into them due to the area being closed off.I explained i was just going home when a guard informed me that he would call me over when it was given the all clear.I was then talking to him for a moment (about an hour ago) just before he let me in.He told me that the lould bang i heard was the bom being deactivated and that no one was hurt.I was then aloud back home so i presume its all ok now.


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