Sarah Carey – The face of organised, unashamed Elite.

Sarah "carefree not scary" CareyUPDATE: 24/03/11

UPDATE: 24/03/11

In what amounts to an unintentionally devastating critique of the mainstream and corporate media’s role in protecting the status quo of the institutional and cultural norms of corruption, cronyism, centralised power and elitism, Sarah Carey is given space for an opinion piece in todays Irish Times.  Unlike most opinion pieces in the online version of the paper, the ability for readers to comment and contribute to the discussion has been disabled by Irish Times editors. So today not only can you smell shit, but you can also smell fear.

Sarah Carey’s chosen subject is one  very close to the heart of most social/media commentators who spend their time around the edges of Irelands parasitic elite,  looking in and elbowing for attention.  She is talking about herself. Its remarkable how uniform and stardardised such media orientations are.  When not bashing the poor and demanding the destruction of every socially organised protection against the nasty habits of capitalists to exploit other human beings the default is to talk about oneself.

You can read it here. Im not going to go into great lenght dissecting it, because life really is to short to spend much more time on an exercise on  self  pitying, and  self promotion. It does however puts itself in the sight of Most Diametrically Opposed Title in 2011.  Surely instead of its being “Lying to tribunal over leak is black spot on my record” it would be a much more faithful representation as “Lying to the tribunal is part of what i do”

Ive alway had an interest in how the powerful seem to have a certain psychological dissonance with regards their own self image and how they are perceived by other. The complete inability it either display or articulate a resonating self awareness is a feature of both young children and consistent liars.

Its pretty clear that she has no regrets about being O Brien baglady, running around with cash and cheque books greasing palms etc. It worth saying that the reason this woman is so forthright is that she probably has a safe full of records, dealings she orchestrated, but of a lot of really stinky stuff within the dealing of the Golden Shower. Maybe Sarah will publish a memoir with all the slimey details in the future. I for one wont be buying it, and i wont be buying the Irish Times either while she is a contributor.


Most people when being accused of taking part in what could be considered one of the most corrupt instances (among many) of  privatisation this State has ever seen, would be expected to put up a blustering defense.

In the past 36 hours we have heard from Michael “Casino”Lowry call the Moriarty report into question. “Im a man of intergrity” yadda yadda.  We have heard Ben Dunne defend himself by appearing on TV and Radio  and saying “Ben Dunne, Ben Dunne, Ben Dunne” repeatedly as if he was in an advert or something and considered himself as a brand that needs protecting. Hmmm

And we heard a pleating Denis O Brien, one of the main owners of maninstream media in the country cry foul over the report. Looking a lot less child-faced that he did all those years ago  when he was handed the Esat  licence for mobiles, he repeated that phrase often associated with multi billionaires across the globe “I did nothing wrong, it was all down to my hard work, seriously what kind of a person do you think i am”

There isnt a billionaire in the world who preside over such wealth that hasnt deliberately exploited lots of fellow human beings along the way… would love to hear examples to prove me wrong)

But then came along Sarah ‘carefree’ Carey on Primetime last night. Check out Sarah contribution to the debate following the fallout of a 14 year investigation. Gotta love the brazen hair flicking,making light of the situation attitude.

Thanks to LookLeft

It’s well known that Sarah is a right wing pundit and cheerleader for neo liberal politics that has brought this state, Europe and indeed the global economy to a grinding halt. She is a happy cheer leader for the greedy pigs in the trough like O Brien, Lowry etc. She is the paid mouthpiece of hyper capitalists and whilst she clearly doesnt lie ib the video above, she does say that she did lie. She says she leaked about payments to the PD but then told the tribunal that she didnt. But she lies all the time, and like O Brien, Lowry and most likely Dunne, they are serial liars. That is the core of spin, it is about fabricating lies.

Carey recently printed that Ireland had had the ‘most generous social welfare payments in the EU’.  This isnt spin. This is simply a lie. She cant and wont back up making such claims because she lied. Simple as. The aim is to help foster a culture where us, the working poor and unemployed can be seen as a problem to be fixed rather than human beings with dinity and a desire to have full democratic control over our own lives.

These people must really think that the most of the population are fucking imbeciles. They really are so far removed from the lived experiences of most ordinary people that they think we cant smell the shit they come out with. They are openly saying “Fuck You” to us all.

Heres something though Sarah, Michael and Denis.  Fuck you right back. We know the smell of your shit because we have to live it and breath it every day. We served you at decadent parties, we worked it as we minded your kids as you withheld our workpermits, we saw it as we landscaped your soulless expansive ‘gardens’ and built your fensed off gated mansions.  We feel it as our communites are decimated by our children leaving these shores and as women and men who now live with uncertainty and fear.

But we never believed it.  You might own the maintream media and might try to dazzle us with bullshit but we dont buy it anymore than we bought Berties bullshit or the Church denials of culpability. Your cosy elite is clear for all to see and we will no longer sit in silence as the Emperor pissed naked on our futures.

These people are a corrosion to society and indeed the notion of a participatory democracy of equals. They know and we know.

Oh and heres some info you might like to use*

Telephone: 0504 22022
Fax: 0504 23349

*though the author suggests that Michael Lowry be treated with the same respect he treats us. Nothing illegal mind. Society has never been improved by people actually taking matters into their own hands. We except most of the things we take as progressive I guess, but thats for another day.


3 thoughts on “Sarah Carey – The face of organised, unashamed Elite.

  1. I dont you can claim Dennis O’Brien exploits workers without concrete proof. Admittedly I dont know this issue very well but as I always say if you dont want corrupt politicians then dont have a government.


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