Lowry confirmed to be a Lying Corrupt Gombeen

Somebody posted this upon the net somewhere

Many wonder why it took so long to this to come out. But finally the Moriarty Tribunal has published its findings. Running to at a few hundred pages its a bit long to reprint here, but essentailly its confirms what we all knew already. That Mr Michael Lowry  -TD, is an untrustworthy, lying,  corrupt piece of work. And that he assisted another lying corrupt untrustworthy piece of work, Dennis O Brien (owner of Newstalk) to get a mobile licence. That the people of North Tipp and Offaly voted this sketch piece of shit back in serves as testiment both to the collective cloth doffing of post colonialism clientelism and sheer fucking stupidity.  Or maybe they have other reason they can bring up themselves.

Meanwhile the Irish Army are getting fully prepared for an uprising in North Tipperary. As people takeinspiration by their brothers and sisters in North Africa the Army where quick to show of their new kit.


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