Breaking: Libyan Gov. Jets airborne and landed in Egypt and Brussels

UPDATE 18.10 UPDATE: Libyan Government 5A-UAC, the Bombardier BD-700, went to Paris Le Bourget Airport LFPB, next Brussels Zaventem EBBR. The Government 5A-UAA Bombardier Challenger 300 was confirmed at Paris Le Bourget Airport LFPB

5A-UAA Bombardier is  logged for Brussels (and may be en route)

Update 14.35 GMT Karl Stango-Navarra, a journalist based in Valletta, Malta, told Al Jazeera that the two other planes were being monitored by NATO and that one had been spotted in Swiss airspace and one over Italy.The plane landing in Cairo crossed into Greek airspace en route to Egypt and a Greek air force source said the plane was a Libyan Airlines Falcon 900 that normally carries VIP. Al Jazeera reported the private jet landed on a military airstrip around 1pm, carrying al-Zawi and an official. “As soon as the plane landed, those on board … were immediately whisked away by private cars.” Essam Sharaf, the Egyptian prime minister, had cut a cabinet meeting short to go to a meeting with the military council.

The Arab league is due to meet on Saturday to discuss the possibility of imposing a no-fly zone over Libya. Libyan delegates have been barred from attending the League’s meetings addressing the situation in the country.

UPDATE 13.05 GMT   @ShababLibya tweets “These planes are owned by the Afriqiyah holding company in Libya, and used by the Gaddafi inner circle and family regularly” A press release from Interpol from last week sanctioning the arrest og Gaddafi and others in the Libyan regime can be found here


There is breaking news that 3 Libyan government jets have leftLibyan airspace and are currently en route to various locations, though these have not been pinpointed exactly yet

These include 3  airplanes  registered as 5A-DCN, 5A-UAA and 5A-UAC . They are  thought to be heading for Cairo (or some where in Egypt) , Athens and Vienna. info via tweets by @fmcnl and @exiledsurfer

Al Jazeera arereporting that Hussein Sulieman on is on. This has been corrected and  AP are reporting and confirmed that  Abdul-Rahman bin Ali al-Saiid al-Zawi, a Libyan official is onboard with a message for the Egyptains.  He is head of Libya’s logistics and supply authority.  As of yet it is unclear it is unclear wether this landing is simply a refuelling for futher leg of a journey to destination unknown.  2 other planes have been logged by civilian plane watchers, but we have no confirmation of any landing yet

3arabawy just tweeted “for some reason i c police and central security forces (!) together with military police im Abdeen”

Libyan Government 5A-UAA is a CL-300 / Bombardier BD-100-1A10 Challenger 300 heading to Vienna.

Update as they come in.


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