Breaking in #Alexandria : People Storm State Security HQ

UPDATE 1 20.48 GMT : There are unconfirmed, but several reports of people shot, some seriously.

UPDATE 2 21:18 GMT Images of papers shred inside the State Security HQ. No update on injuries reported in update 1 above and reinforcements from the army have arrived.

UPDATE 3 21.55 GMT General Refaat AbdelHamid, ONTV: Protesters in #Alexandria are very civil and trying to protect papers from being burnt in the State Security HQ

In yet another chapter in the ongoing social revolution  within Egypt, this evening people surrounded the State Security Police headquarters in in Alexandria. The State Security Police force are a much despised element of the police force within the Mubarak regime. At the time of writing the situation is still a little unclear though it seems that people surrounded the building and stormed its it with vocal demands to close it down

State Security Police have acted with impunity over decades and is seems natural that their HQ in Alexandria would become a focus point of the anger of population.  Khaled Said was one of many Egyptian’s who where killed by this ‘security force’.  His murder at the hands of the police was a significant rallying point for many who then said that enough was enough. People have been calling for disbandment of the State Security apparatus given its role within society as an arbitrary dispenser of violence, brutality and daily indignity.

Earlier tonight people congregated outside the HQ

From the information available at the moment mostly received by tweets from people on the ground there, and is breaking it is still unclear what the exactly has happened.

However, it seems that the spontaneous demonstration by the few hundred of the local population outside the state security police headquarters turn turned into clashes between the people and the police some photos below were posted in the context of people disarming the police and removing equipment such as riot shields, helmets and possibly armaments. It is also reported that shots were fired from inside the state security police force HQ and that there has been at least one injury due to gunfire.

The army then arrived at the scene of clashes. There are also reports that Molotov cocktails, or petrol bombs as they are more commonly known in Ireland, were thrown from top of the building by State Security Police  and at least three cars having burnt out as a result.  Several people commented on hearing loud explosions. However, it is likely that these were the result of burning cars as as there have been no further reports of injuries from the explosions. They have be ‘rumours’ tweeted that their are snipers on the building roofs

The state security forces HQ is currently on fire and the army reported to be are evacuating the building.  However it also seems that many people are inside trying to remove as much paperwork as possible. Eyewitness tweets report that people have been seen leaving the HQ with papers. Its likely that the HQ itself was a depository of information and records that may contain evidence of the brutal actions of the police. Large amount of teargas have been fired by State Security and it is unclear if there are clashes between the police and army. There are conflicting reports stating that the clashes are continuing and that the State Security Police have surrender to the people and the army. Its seems that the army retreated from the situation for a period them returned.

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