A fresh look at revolutionary intent: MLK

In these days of uprising and popular dissent across the globe amidst ongoing and sustained attacks on the living standards of the majority of us across the planet by norms, institutions and social relations of neo liberalism and capitalism (and de facto by the individuals who benefit from this), heres a refreshing look at the words of Martin Luther King.  We are witnessing the rehabilitation and re-resonancing of the ideas,  the possiblities and the hopefulness, as well as the explicit direct challenge to the  status quo everywhere, of revolution.

The total reform or eradition of poverty, institutionalised exploitation etc requires collectively targeted and honestly articulated hostility – rather than soft calls and weak demands for a bigger slice of a cake in which the vast majority of us  had no real historical or current input in baking.

Its it not up to us to bend our demands for a direct and total collective control over the institutions, policies and economic system  for the benefit of all. It is up to those who currently dominate, who currently exploit and continually reproduce violence to either change their belief system, come join those struggling for social justice, or expect to be undermined and overpowered.

Manybe to put a little fire in your belly have a look at this pics taken from here


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