All Ireland GAA Poc Fada Championships 2013

by soundmigration

This morning I headed to the All Ireland GAA Poc Fada Championships. They are held  annually up the Cooley mountains at Annaverna, Co Louth   which rest between the Ring of Gullion of South Armagh and and the Mourne mountains in Co Down.

It was my first Poc Fada, and a slightly different event that my usual August bank holiday bash up on Rathlin Island at the Jigs and Rigs festival. I had a rough idea of what a Poc Fada was, but my brother – a sport journalist – filled me in further.  But basically it is a case of pretty skilled hurlers from around the country, all goalkeepers I’m pretty sure, seeing who can hit the slither around a mountain range course in the shortest  number of hits.  Below are some photos from the day.   Just click for full size. If you like them, use your social media share buttons at the bottom.  Enjoy.

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