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“Can we start shooting yet?” #IrishWater, Dissidents and Collective Care

“..when you can’t control people by force, and when the voice of the people can be heard, you have this problem—it may make people so curious and so arrogant that they don’t have the humility to submit to a civil rule, and therefore you have to control what people think. And the standard way to do this is to resort to what in more honest days used to be called propaganda, manufacture of consent, creation of necessary illusion. Various ways of either marginalizing the public or reducing them to apathy in some fashion” Noam Chomsky

wont pay

Looking at the newspapers and listening to the radio this week you would think that an Irish politician got shot dead in an assassination. And if you believed Enda Kenny’s handlers and script writers, the second most powerful politician in the country, Joan Burton, “almost” got kidnapped.

I’ve yet to read of any fingers in the post or see any propaganda ISIS-style videos of masked numpties claiming to be fighting on behalf of the population against Irish Water. Maybe Paul William is working on that scoop, as he had been awfully quiet so far. But lets get real here for a second. There has been no kidnapping. No shootings. No knee-cappings. And that dear friends is a good thing I think.

I did hear yesterday that the European Central Bank told the government to go fuck themselves. They won’t be involved in our *cough* banking inquiry. Thats the *cough* inquiry looking at why we are going to work for the rest of our lives with €64,000,000,000 collective debt around our necks. But I’d be surprised if most of us actually carrying that debt heard it, given all the background noise about good/bad Irish Water protestors.

There is something pretty interesting going on when a politician gets rattled by their cortège being blockaded by a group of pissed off people and some lad throws a brick at a cop car and suddenly all the papers are full of “end of democracy” and “chaos.” My first instinct is that certain political classes have had it all to easy if they up in arms about these completely minor incidents.

Over the last 8 years there has been a continuous onslaught against our most vulnerable and politically disorganised peoples, the sick, elderly, the young, working families. Which is pretty must most of us, right? Parallel to this we have seen the consistent protection of the already wealthy powerful and politically organised. In the face of a deeply corrupt and undemocratic financial system, the over-arching policies of governments has been to align themselves to the demands and desires of that same financial system. When you are on the receiving end of inequality it sometimes doesn’t matter its its by design or unintended. But when we have shouted with a multitude of voices for almost a decade now, and the result has been to foster and promote an ever growing inequality?? Our lesson surely is that inequality is never an accident. The state of our current society is quite simply the manifestations of numerically few but politically powerful actors choosing injustice over justice. So Irish Water protests are always about more than Irish Water. Its about the game.

But what about those dissident and sinister fringes??  Well lets assume that some people have thought about and perhaps even discussed shooting, kidnapping or kneecapping politicians. Id be really surprised if this hasn’t been part of pub banter at some point for a loads of people. Most of it fantastical and meaningless with no real intent. Though it would be careless to say that perhaps such conversations only happen on high stools after six pints. But either those people who seriously explored such violence as a real option have thus far decided that it would be a tactical/strategic/moral mistake or perhaps, just maybe, there is a whole lot of bullshit being talked right now. The IRA has gone away, and looking at the state of dissident republicans across the board, most are highly infiltrated by British/Irish state intelligence. A more pressing and pragmatic reality is that the wider population on the island, and I include myself here, see armed political action by small secret armies as deeply problematic and having nothing to offer real movements for social justice. There simply is no support for any of that. Dissident republicans get that, the Irish government gets that, as does every political pundit in the Irish media. But still ‘dissident’ is used as a shorthand in the same way ‘anarchist’ is used. The intention is to create fear, and sow division and mistrust. Its the usual good protestor bad protestor crap. But also remember that nation states don very easily the mantle of agent provocateur.

On so we are here. A society riven by inequality, overseen by a regime that is fast running out of political runway, backed by a police force universally recognised as yet another culturally corrupt institution. And therein lines another of the Irish states legacy problems.

Life is recursive. We and our communities have memories, we come to know not by being filled up with someones else knowledge, but through our experiences, sociality, and stories. If An Garda Siochana had not spend so much its time since the states inception abusing and beating up on the working class youth and poor in Dublin and other urban centers, they might find themselves having a bit more legitimacy and a lot less antagonism during these protests. If the experiences of violent and political policing in Rossport was not subject to international scrutiny and did not become popular knowledge, perhaps then people might be a little more generous in their interpretations.

Authoritarianism only works so far as you have enough capacity to inflict violence or the threat of violence and get away with it. The moment you stop having the capacity to command obedience and respect your legitimacy wanes. As it was for the Roman Catholic Chuch and for institutional workhouses so it now is for An Garda Siochana. They now have real choices to make. Be it whistleblowers or last weeks Garda Inspectorate report, there is very little about the forces present operating and its historical legacy that can give any confidence of its impartiality. This is a force were not one officer out of a thousand ever recorded or investigated an incident of racism or homophobia. This is a force that regularly downgrades investigations of rape, sexual assault and domestic violence.  If it is totally unequipped to deal with these grim daily occurences, often instead pretending they dont happen, who in there right minds can think that heavy policing tactics are the way to to go with emerging political movements demanding social justice?

Unfortunately for their members, the institution itself  is like an oil tanker at sea. Everyone is signposting that they need to change fundamentally, but cultural momentum suggests they are most likely going to continue in the ways they have. So we are in a situation where the police become part of the problem of inequality and injustice itself. Hardly new, but increasingly visible and understood.

So what is happening? My sense is that successive governments have pissed down our backs for so long, inflicted so much hurt across so many families in a multitude of different circumstances, that the effect isn’t simply individual anger or community disillusionment. The genie of solidarity based risk taking has come out of the bottle. Its both completely rational yet deeply affective and emotional

There seem to be a consensus in Irish media that most of the people living in Ireland are political dunces, or dont have the ability to make sense of the world around them without the likes of Dan O Brien, Fionnan Sheahan or lord help us Ian O Doherty explaining it all to us. That’s patent nonsense. For example, I think its reasonable to say that most of the explicitly political use of social media in Ireland is dominated first and foremost by the politics of care. And by that I mean to illuminate the failings of what normally gets discussed as “political”. We are told that emotion has no role in politics and democracy. We are asked to internalise the hurt of our sleves and those we love and care about, dont bring that into the political field. But people are saying loudly and clearly ‘fuck that and fuck you for demanding we do that.’ Perhaps this is offensive to some. They need to wake up.

Our tears over emigrating brothers and sisters are real, as they are over visits being near impossible, our stress over choosing bills or food is real, our anger reading regular facebook updates from friends sitting for over 24hrs in a hospital corridor waiting to be seen is real. Our horror turning up to courts to watch Gardai lies so they can stitch up the fellow protestor they beat up is real, our hurt watching our parents become smaller and fearful from being unemployed for the first time in their adult lives is real. Our depression at not feeling in control of our our future, our families futures is real. Only sociopaths and capitalists demand we keep this private, argue that it is not political, it is not economic. It fucking well is and it should be front middle and center of explaining to ourselves and each other how our society functions and why it needs to change.

A politics that is  intentionally emotionally illiterate is a politics of suppression and silencing. That has been the politics since the inception of the state, and we all know those failings. We all know Enda Kennys tears over the historical treatment of women by this state, was a political performance. Our collective disgust was real. Michael Noonan laughter was real on radio as he joked about the illegality of turning Anglo promissory notes into something we must all pay for. Is it a surprise if people fantasise about a myriad of ways of getting rid of such a callous system we pay for with our souls? Is it a surprise if someone throws a brick at a car? Is that a super strategy in itself? No. But does the over reaction of mainstream media and the politicians they get their copy/paste copy from help democracy?? (Thats rhetorical folks0

And so we use social media to share our own stories, and our own analysis of mainstream media stories. We rip ragged but coherent holes in official narratives and report from the frontline of actions and skirmishes, and we share and like with love and care. Why care and love? Simply because we are people who refuse to give anymore legitimacy to organised hurt. Because we are not party bureaucrats nor economic technocrats who get paid regardless of success or failure. We are not career politicians for we see democracy as much more important that the family dynasty, gombeen scratch-my-back bullshit that ran our society into the muck. Our angers as fueled by an unembarrassed care. It is so much easier to care about each other when increasingly it is the only thing we have. You cant talk about solidarity without also talking about care. And to have a politics of care is to have a vision of something different. The politics of the Irish state makes no attempt to offer any vision, any social meaning to the only life we have.

And this is how we can understand the Irish governments desire to bleach out 1916 centenary so that they might as well be Darby O Gill and the Little people on repeat for 10 years. Regardless of your position on 1916, you can’t argue it wasn’t about competing visions for society. The current government is afraid that its own vacuousness will be uncovered. If you painted out the reality of Ireland as a nodes in tax avoiding/money laundering structures and mapped out the actual cuts and damages as a result of decisions made at state level, the only vision there is, is a state not run for the benefit of people living here. Instead we our lives themselves are run for the benefit of others. That phrase comes to mind “putting people back to work.” It always make my skin crawl.

And so here we are, most, not all mind, media commentators desperate to fill another days pages for another days wages. ‘Ian O Doherty for intelligent people’ seems to be the limit of ambition.

For us though, when we recognise the reality of our own lives we are only left with a few options. Leave the country in search of something better. Retreat further into individualism, apathy and “i’m alright jack”. Or seek out others who want a politics based primarily on care and justice, to meet and share ideas and to resist where we can, the imposition of more inequality like around Irish Water, by those who have proven time and time again unable to act differently than they already do. They call us dissidents, I call us common sense.

Statement from Communities Against Water Charges


Resisting the Water Charges and Defending Our Right to Protest

We are residents of a number of communities in Dublin North East. Over the last number of months we have come together to resist the installation of water meters in our areas, and to oppose this unfair double taxation that the government calls water charges.

For most of us, this is the first time in our lives that we have engaged in any sort of protest and have only done so because we simply cannot take any more of this government’s austerity agenda. At all times we have sought to resist the installation of these meters in a peaceful, dignified and resolute manner.

We are therefore appalled at the recent developments in how An Garda Síochána have policed our protests, and with the blatant campaign to vilify and demonise us that the government and Gardai, supported by segments of the media, launched in recent days.

They have claimed that Gardai are routinely assaulted at protests, and that our movement has been infiltrated by a “sinister fringe” or by “dissident republicans”. We categorically reject these claims. In recent weeks we have been subjected to heavy handed and abusive policing by the Gardai. Men and women, protesting peacefully, have been pushed, pulled and punched by Gardai. To our knowledge not one of our fellow protesters has been convicted of assaulting a member of An Garda Síochána, and violent protest is not something we would endorse or tolerate.

With respect to the claim that our movement has been infiltrated by sinister elements, we reject this also. We are the people on the streets, day in, day out, peacefully resisting these meters; we are mothers, fathers, parents, pensioners, workers and unemployed – we are not sinister, dissident republicans.

In light of these developments, we are genuinely fearful that the Gardai, at the behest of the government, are preparing to become even more aggressive towards our protests and to eviscerate our right to protest.

We therefore call on all of the people of Ireland to come out and support us this coming Monday, 10 November 2014, in Dublin North East. We fear that GMC Sierra will attempt, with heavy Garda support, to enter our areas and install meters that we do not want. It is our intention to continue to resist this unjust tax in a peaceful and dignified manner, but we fear that the decision has been made to strip us of a meaningful right to protest.

Each and every one of us has resolved to resist this tax and these meters, we will continue to do so in a peaceful way, but if we are to succeed we need the support of other communities. If we all stand together, we can resist these charges, retain water as a public good and human right, and vindicate our right to protest.

Communities Against Water Charges
09 November 2014

Ian O Doherty gets knocked of his high stool by Pavee Point

Ian O Doherty,  part time columnist for Denis O Brien and full time whataboutery race troll was put in his box by Pavee Point on Twitter yesterday.

Troll Fail

Pavee Point, a grassroots Traveller and Roma advocacy organisation, published a press release condemning the racist mobilisation and fear mongering by a core group of racists in Waterford.  24hrs later O Doherty tweeted to them at them, demanding to know why other issues weren’t addressed in the press release.

O Doherty is well know for writing racist articles and was earlier thisyear called out on his anti Roma pieces in the Indo by The Press Council.  (linked below)

There can be no doubt that Ians’ writing contributes to a culture of demonisation of specific minorities.  Is O Doherty racist?  I couldnt possibly say because of Ireland libel laws set up to protect people like O Doherty’s boss and his attached dingleberries.

If O Doherty was just an other grumbling bollix at the end of the bar, unthoughfully repeating tropes he’d read elsewhere as if he’s enlightening public discourse, no one would really give a fuck.   And realistically if O Doherty was trying to make it in journalism now,  who would hire him?   As he is, he is deployed as a clickbait monetiser working on behalf of the man installing  water meters via a police force in your community. He not sticking it to The Man. He is  in the pocket of The Man.

The fact is O Doherty needs people to stand against inequality and injustice, against racism and marginalisation.  Because if people didn’t, he would have nothing to write about.  He is a parasitic thinker, an atrocious writer and dull as bejayus.  In the days when people might have read his pieces in isolation, he might have been a bit jarring or risqué.   But in the age of the internet and changing patterns of media production and consumption – where right wingers are two a penny, and media critique simply an everyday part of how we all use social media ourselves – he’s best understood as someone who tries to troll but falls flat on his face.
When you read his stuff on Twitter, its clear the guy isn’t simply an idiot.  He is unable to debate or discuss and runs away or blocks at the slightest interrogation (He blocked me ages ago). He’s also quite happy to evoke the pain of others from his high stool, as if he is some kinda working class hero, or fighting for the underdog rather than what he actually is.  A high chair dog whistler for a rising right wing racist movement in Ireland.  When someone gets killed as a result of organised racism in this state, people should best remember that.



The Press Ombudsman has decided to uphold a complaint made by Mr Shane OCurry, Director of European Network Against Racism Ireland (ENAR),  that an article in the Irish Independent on 30 September 2013 was a breach of Principle 8 (Prejudice) of the Code of Practice for Newspapers and Magazines.  Mostly for describing all Roma members as  “a parasitic, ethnic underclass”

The FCKH8 video of kids swearing you’ll be sharing today.

FireShot Capture - - http___fckh8.myshopify.com_



FCKH8 have produced another video designed to become viral. It features some young kids swearing a lot whilst taking about unequal pay and sexual violence. Like FCKH8’s previous video talking about anti racism (below) , the flow and content of this well scripted,  acerbically delivered deadpan is abruptly end loaded with Tshirts.  In fact this is first and foremost an advertisement. But is it just that?

Is this the “commodification of deeply held values” as suggested by  a post on Jezebel?  It does seem to tick that box.  But does that miss a beat too? Is that too easy? Or is there something else going on?  I felt that was about the Ferguson themed video.  For sure i’d feel easier  about the video if it wasnt flogging t-shirt but at the time of writing I haven’t dug into how transparent the donation to grassroots causes FCKH8 actually are.   But my gut suggests that most people will watch and share this video for what it says rather than to buy the merch. Clearly that itself is part of the selling strategy.  A tiny percentage on a viral advert still can rake in a lot of cash.  On the whole though I like it. What says you?



Greyhounds PR Spin amid Health and Safety Breaches

The privately run waste collection company  Greyhound, has today released a press statement  on their website which completely misrepresents the intentions of people acting in solidarity with workers locked out in an ongoing workplace dispute.

Justice for greyhound workers


In the statement Greyhound accuse people peaceably and effectively blockading waste collection trucks with “harassment and abuse of collection workers”.  Lets put aside the for one minute the hypocrisy displayed by Greyhound here as surely this dispute would not be happening if Greyhound stopped harassing and abusing their workers by seeking to force them to accept shittier wages and working conditions  with all the increased precarity and insecurity in their lives that goes along with that.


Lets also put aside the fact that scab labour drafted in to defeat workers struggles are themselves by not wearing proper Personal Protection Equipment whilst on the job, and as such in danger of personal injury. Photos taken at todays solidarity blockades in Stoneybatter show workers wearing soft trainers, rather than  the required steel toe caps. Regardless of whether this is from personal choice, or because scab labour has  not been issued with proper PPE by Greyhound, this is a clear breech of Health and Safety Regulation and should be investigated by the HSA.

photo 2 (1)

photo 3 (1)

Why has Greyhound not provided proper PPE?

What training has been provided to the labour drafted in to negate the locked out workers struggle?

Who is actually being unsafe here?

More insidiously and somewhat stupidly however is Greyhounds attempts to scare the public by trying to create a picture of people blockading in Stoneybatter today and elsewhere as somehow dangerous and scary by dint of some people be members of political organisations.



Greyhound seem to be saying that somehow there is something sinister about people about politcal organisations per se.  One can only assume Greyhounds owners have never made official donations to any political organisations.  I’m pretty sure Greyhound are very welcoming of the political organisations that pushed through the privatisation of waste collection.  So we can dismiss they have a problem with political organisations per se.


Rather we can rest assure that rather than Greyhound come out and actually say which organisations are involved, they prefer a widely used PR strategy of implied danger through deliberate mystery and myth.  If Greyhound actually named the political organisations, it risks flagging up the groups that are willing and have the resources to assist workers and the trade union movement.  If wont say that those involved are socialists of various stripes, anarchists and republicans, as well as people not affiliated to any organisation because it  owners know that their PR strategy of demonisation will fail if it actually deals with reality on the ground rather than the prepared tactics from its PR company.
Its some what laughable, though pretty interesting,  how Greyhound reference social media in the context of ambiguous political organisations. That’s pure dog whistle tactics there.  What is in fact people using Facebook and Twitter, which pretty much anyone can see, is instead presented as some mysterious technology deployed with aplomb by political deviants and quasi-terrorists out to “harass and abuse”.


Its all patently ridiculous.

It was political organisations that pushed through the privatisation of bin collection, in the full knowledge it would drive down wages for workers. These were political organisations run by men who collected money in brown paper bags.  One wonders if Greyhounds owners did any drop off and collections to those bad boys.  Given they are hiding their accounts in the Isle of Man, its hard to know…….

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Gaza and Love

Gaza Dublin 2

Its really fucking hard to make sense of the incidental and organised hurt in this world sometimes. Be it tonights concerted effort to kill Palestinians by a terrorist state that lays waste to hopes and possibilities of human life, or the more mundane but no less painful losses and messiness of human life we are touched with by mere dent of being human. Its seems all too easy to forget that the only thing really meaningful thing we have is each other. If our organised world is not first and foremost based upon a politics of love, a recognition of our shared humanity, and in an understanding and real empathy of what it is to be human and fragile, to be social, to care and to know we flourish only in and with care, then we are on a hiding to nothing because we will be crushed by all that needs to silence that knowledge. The refusal of a politics of imposed hurt; the refusal of cultures and attitudes that accept the dehumanisation of other humans we share this space and time with; the conscious and public claiming of a love and care as a political orientation that itself refuses to be broken but instead seeks to reproduce itself. This seems to me to be the only sane way we get to remake this world. We are only here the once, but what we do and how we are will be tomorrows echos.


How to get medical aid to Gaza

A Charter for Democracy


Well worth the read: A Charter for Democracy

Originally posted on Guerrilla Translation!:


Movimiento por la Democracia

Whatever happened to the 15-M Movement? Where did Occupy go? Three years after the groundbreaking revolutionary ruptures of 2011, violent repression and media invisibility have relegated these thriving movements to a grey area. The perception seems to shift between mainstream derision and niche-group interest. Occupy’s roots have spread out and sprouted a multitude of initiatives, though perhaps the source inspiration is not always publicly recognized. But in Spain, the popular experience of austerity – the murderous palliative prescribed as a cure for the crisis – and the resulting political movements in reaction have been giving the lie to the mainstream narrative that 15-M is a “has been”.

The movement undeniably lives. Its form has been mutated, re-imagined, distributed, and coalesced into a swarm of activity and hacks to the system. We live here, we see it every day. These initiatives are not as easily seen…

View original 4,832 more words

Turkey’s neoliberal death toll: Soma massacre

Remember this

Turkey’s neoliberal death toll: Soma massacre

This article appeared online earlier today but the site inaccessible since mid afternoon. I’ve copied it here

Soma hat

On Tuesday, May 13, at 15.00, Turkey witnessed one of the greatest workplace murders in its history. More than 700 mine workers were trapped in Soma Coal, a private lignite mine in Soma, in the western province of Manisa. The Justice and Development Party (AKP) government has tried to minimize the figures, while deploying hundreds of military troops and police forces to the town and the miners’ village of Eynes to head off possible unrest. Ten hours after the explosion, Energy Minister Taner Yılmaz declared the death toll as 166, but the numbers are expected to rise. The Disaster and Emergency Directorate (AFAD) declared on Wednesday, at 2.30 that 265 bodies had been reached at the moment. Calls for immediate action are rising everywhere in the country

At “Soma Coal,” a private lignite mine company operating in Soma in the Aegean province of Manisa, one of the greatest workplace murders in Turkish history occurred on Tuesday, May 13 at 15.15. Mr. Çetin Uygur, a former chairperson of the Underground Mine Workers Trade Union, an affiliate of the Confederation of Progressive Trade Unions (DİSK), as well as a mining engineer, said in the early hours after the accident that this was the greatest workplace massacre in the history of the Turkish working class. Uygur stated that nearly 700 mine workers were trapped in the mine while adding that the AKP government was sending large numbers of military troops and police forces to the region with an eye to using force in order to suppress widespread reactions.

While hundreds of mine workers were trapped underground, the AKP government tried to minimize the death toll figures for a number of hours by declaring that only five were killed in the explosion. However, toward midnight, a widespread news blockage by the mainstream media broke down, and Mr. Uygur’s statement regrettably proved to be real.

Energy Minister Taner Yıldız, who initially said the “death toll figures are not important,” was forced to declare the number of killed mine workers first as 151, then as 166 following Manisa Mayor Cengiz Ergün’s statement that the death toll had already reached 157. Minister Yıldız continued to dismiss the non-official statements, by saying: “Even though the previous information given by the unauthorized persons about the death roll correspond to our present data, this does not make them right.”

Minister Yıldız’s statement was not a coincidence. Soma Holding, the parent company of Soma Coal, has close ties with the AKP government. Melike Doğru, the wife of the general director of Soma Holding Mine Enterprises, is a councilor from the government party. Soma Coal also provided the infamous charity coal bags which were distributed by the AKP during the previous local elections. Charity distribution is one of the most important political tools of the government party in recruiting support from the country’s poor.

Soma Holding has profited greatly from its relations with the AKP government. The holding, which entered the underground mining sector during the privatization drive of the 1990s, was strengthened by the decision of the AKP government to legalize the “royalty” system which is based on renting in return for a coal share in 2005.

According to the previous statements of the president of Soma Holding, Alp Gürkan, thanks to the royalty system, the company has been able to reduce the cost of coal from 130-140 dollars per ton to 23.80 dollars per ton, including the royalty share. The subcontracting of unskilled mining labour was one of the main factors in reducing the costs, as the average monthly wage of nearly 5,000 mine workers is only 500 dollars.

The company also entered into the field of urban pillage in 2006 by buying the Tilage construction firm and beginning to transfer its profits obtained in the sub-contracted lignite mining sector to investments in the high-profit real estate/construction sector in İstanbul. The company has two important construction investments in İstanbul, one the Maslak Spine Tower in Sarıyer and the other a shopping mall in the Anatolian-side district of Kartal.

A parliamentary proposal of investigation about the working conditions into Soma mine workers and work accidents in the town proposed by opposition parties was refused just two weeks ago, on April 29, by the majority votes of AKP deputies.

Oxygen masks on dead miners’ faces

While Minister Yıldız increased the death toll to 201 in a declaration on Wednesday, May 14 at 5.00, rescue workers, trade unions and other professional organizations in the region are worried that since nearly 700 miners were underground during the shift change, the number may increase dramatically. Rescue workers have said the dead bodies of the mine workers found underground have not yet been taken extracted as there is not enough space to store them in the already-full cold storage and abattoir that is standing in as a makeshift morgue. In several examples, the bodies of the dead workers were taken to hospital with oxygen masks attached to their faces in order to misguide the thousands of miners’ family members waiting for hours in front of the hospitals. In Soma, which has a population of 100,000, each family has now been affected by the accident by either losing a relative or a neighbour. Most of the workers were reportedly killed by carbon monoxide poisoning because the fire started in the ventilation area.

Due to the disinformation of the government and mainstream media, and the difficult conditions around the mine because of the explosion, there is still no exact information about the real reason for the accident. According to expert mining engineers from the professional organizations at the scene, the fire broke out either due to an explosion at an underground transformer or in the command room. However, trade unions and professional organizations from the mining sector have emphasized that privatization and the use of subcontractors has seriously weakened workplace safety at the lignite mines, which were once the recipient of the highest quality investments in the sector. Most of the workers in the region say work accidents are now daily facts of life in the town.

Turkey rising up for mine workers

Various trade unions and Gezi Resistance forums have begun to issue calls for action for Wednesday, although several demonstrations started at midnight around the country.

In Ankara, Eskişehir, Çanakkale, İstanbul and Antalya, university students and residents staged marches and sit-ins in various squares at midnight.

University and secondary school students have also declared boycotts for Wednesday. Various demonstrations will be organized throughout the day in Ankara, İstanbul – including at Soma Holding’s headquarters – İzmir, Antalya, Eskişehir, Adana, Kocaeli, Tarsus and Samsun, as well as at ministries.

Labour Unions DISK & KESK will go on strike tomorrow


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